Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beauty is skin deep but an empty belly bulges out

Apparently only the rich and attractive get anywhere in life they seduce others into thinking 'They know all, I mean look at this, this is skill!' more like botox and liposuction! Also it's true about blondes having a power over men, they make men act stupid - there's something in the colour, I don't know what specifically - I'm no scientist but apparently women are more aroused by lesbian fornication - but it's all based on reports and you know averages.

I just got royally peeved yesterday by being told in not so many terms a woman who worked with me in June was trying to take over and get me kicked out of the company purely using her good looks. It's ridiculous purely on the fact she came from being full time to 2 days a week - wjhat power can she harness in two days? Secondly she could turn a computer on let alone take over the office dealings. Some people really are in love with them selves and for the record she wasn't even spectacular looking! For a 39 year old she had good skin and a ginger perm...with was all natural of course but that was it.

I don't trust any 'attractive' person or anyone arrogant enough to think their image overides another persons hard work.


  1. Your blog's good and I like the name of this post . :D I think your life's interesting

    1. Thanks Zhiln, that's so kind, love to check your blog out too, can't find it tho...?