Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tekken 7 #soon

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has announced the arrival of TEKKEN 7 on home systems (Date TBC). The King Of The Iron Fist Tournament is back - and ready to challenge players across the world. #Soon

Developed on Unreal Engine 4, TEKKEN 7 boasts all new graphical capabilities that will push the realism of the fighting genre beyond limits. Players will experience these exceptional visuals in the grand finale of the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation; with the darkest secrets of the cursed Mishima family finally revealed.

TEKKEN 7 revisits the original  family feud and you even get to meet Heitachi's wif. World domination, power, greed and demonic possession - is the story about Jin or Kazuya? “It’s coming. I told you to wait!” Katsuhiro Harada, Project TEKKEN Leader

“For its 20th Anniversary, our TEKKEN brand has seen a massive success on Arcades thanks to TEKKEN 7, but also on mobile gaming with TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT. Our wish is to pursue this successful route and explore new opportunities with the game’s arrival on home systems!”  Hervé Hoerdt, VP of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

20 years of Tekken history celebrated in this video with the Tekken 7 trailer straight after - it's been a year since I originally saw this at the Tokyo Game show 2014 !

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Friday, 23 October 2015

October mcm 2015: Friday

London mcm comic con one of the biggest events in the UK, opened their doors to the public today at 10am. With barriers today controlling people coming in snd out the venue and also to stop unruly behaviour on the grass as has happened in the past.

Upon getting your wristbands you enter the world of advertising including Steve Jobs movie, Jet, The Robot and many more.

This Halloween we have the following companies showcasing their games: Rice Digital, Bandai Namco entertainment, NISA, Koei and riding star games.

Cex returned with their famous tentacle chair aswell as a new edition of fluffy feet encrusted chair with the same competition incentive.

Due to high demand the Yogcast had their own section within the Escorts area (Hall opposite main mcm Hall). Where you could queue up, buy merchendise, get it signed then receive a free fall out mask you could post on twitter to be entered into a competition.

You also had a stall called Monkey Merchandise selling fall out items, an Assassin's Creed stall amongst Insert Coin and turtle tees.

One of my favourite moments was seeing ultimate anime fans gushing over Todd Haberkorn, voice of Natsu from Fairy Tale, Watanuki from Xxxholic and more. This was his first London convention and he was greeting by people dressed as characters from anime he worked in and with related merchendise. It was plain to see the London majority praised him for Fairy Tale as they did with Colleen Clickenbeard who played Erza on the anime.

More photos from MCM here.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Build a Bear to stock Pikachu?!

Starting in early 2016, The Pokemon Company and Build-A-Bear Workshop will be teaming up for a partnership bring you everyone's favourite electric rat!

Build-A-Bear Workshop have confirmed the following locations to stock Pikachu: the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

So far Polygon states you can decorate your Pikachu plush with a Poke Ball Hoodie, and includes a Pikachu sound chip.
After creating your Pikachu, you’ll be given a special promo TCG playing card as a gift. Also, those who order it online can obtain the limited edition Charizard costume!


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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Villiany has no Bounds for Mike Pollock (interview)

In tribute to the passing away of acclaimed Japanese voice actor Chikao Ohtsuka earlier this year who voiced Dr Eggman/Robotnik.  The long standing American voice, Mike Pollock came to attend LAGC this year in July.

Dr Eggman/Robotnik is the villain from the Sega game series Sonic which later spun off into various cartoons, animated shows and games to where it’s fame acquired English dubbing for international release. Mike Pollock returns to LAGC, Pollock is an American voice actor who been praised for voicing Doctor Eggman in the dubbed Sonic the Hedgehog series. Despite being cast as long time villain Dr Eggman this has not type cast Pollock in anyway and he has excelled in many other roles. Also playing many well-known characters in anime including Raoul Contesta, Cheren, Drayden, interim narrator in Pokémon, Meat in Ultimate Muscle, Langston Lickatoad in Viva Piñata, Suikyou in Ikki Tousen, General Blanque in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mitsuru Minowa in Magic User's Club and Beast in the motion comic adaptation of Astonishing X-Men. Having featured in over 50 titles and games - currently working on Norse Noir: Loki's Exile, Chapter I.

Watch my interview here:

No doubt you are sure to have encountered Mike in knowingly or not in your childhood in tv shows to adulthood like Burger King adverts.

On his website he even writes his own reviews of anime and games whether he’s in them or not and any fan would love to know his take on our geeky favourites.

Find out more about Pollock’s past projects or even contact him about your own on

Special thanks to LAGC for the interview and Sickmuse for editing it.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Nintendo announced Characters for Project Zone 2

Not only am I stoked for this game Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced a few Nintendo characters that will be joining the fearsome roster featured in Tactical-RPG Project X Zone 2. Lucina & Chrom are joining from popular Gameboy/3DS series Fire Emblem Awakening, while Fiora of Xenoblade Chronicles and cyborg KOS-MOS from Bandai Namco's Xenosaga will also be playable.


Project X Zone 2 launches on Nintendo 3DS on the 19th February, 2016.

 Stay tuned for more updates from here:

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

One Piece: Burning Blood coming to PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe announced recently a new One Piece game called  BURNING BLOOD! The game is due to release in 2016 on PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita and for the first time ever: Xbox One.

I'm really excited about this one as it is developed by the famed Japanese studio Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd; One Piece: Burning Blood is built upon the wacky and rich One Piece universe and will offer a never-seen-before experience thanks to the fast-paced gameplay and unique One Piece elements!

Speaking of which, Logia Devil Fruits and “Haki” can be used to throw massive special moves and take down the fiercest opponents! Stay tuned for more reveals.

Hervé Hoerdt, VP Marketing & Digital at Bandai NamcoEntertainment Europe states: “Meeting our fans on public & private events is a good way to get feedback on our games and see what the expectations are. ONE PIECE: Burning Blood is the perfect example of us creating a game impeccably in-line with fans’ desires. The long awaited pure fighting-game based on the One Piece universe is here! To add to that, we are quite happy to release the game on multiple platforms, especially on a Microsoft console, since it’s the first time ever for a One Piece game.”

For more info on the game go to:

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Taiwan Excellence Comes To Westfield

When: 15th – 19th October 2015
Where: The Atrium, Westfield, Stratford, London W12
Tickets: free

One of the most exciting, product design shows is coming to London this autumn; The Taiwan  Excellence Showcase is an interactive, hands on exhibition featuring new and innovative gadgets,  gizmos and gaming technology that are being shown together in the UK for the first time.

The free five day event at The Atrium, Westfield, Stratford, London W12. The event will bring together some 70 brands and over 150 award-winning products that will not  only wow visitors with their ground-breaking design but will also highlight the exceptional quality of  Taiwanese manufacture. Throughout the event visitors get to test out some cutting edge tech design  and also get the chance of winning some of the products on show.

The Opening Ceremony on Thursday 15 October and will be hosted by TV Presenter and Technology  Reporter Lara Lewington. VIP’s including senior executive Gee Shan PhD, Vice Chairman of TAITRA  (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), celebrities and dignitaries from government, trade  and industry will be in attendance. The Showcase will be declared open to the public from 12.30pm.  ‘Only the Young’, the 2014 X Factor finalists, will be providing musical entertainment and will be  performing their new single ‘I Do’. Speaking of the showcase Lara Lewington said “I’m delighted to be the guest host at Taiwan  Excellence and look forward to seeing the range of cutting-edge, world leading technological  products showcasing Taiwanese innovation. This promises to be a very exciting event”.

The Taiwan Excellence Showcase is an initiative of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs created to  enhance the innovative image of Taiwanese companies by promoting the very best in Taiwanese  consumer technology and lifestyle products. Taiwan Excellence is the highest accolade awarded to products that encapsulate the concept  of innovalue – combining innovation with added value – and all brands showcased have been  recognised by the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Products on show in October will include: •Eco-Solar Backpack (DA.AI) – made from recycled bottles with a built in battery system powered  by a solar panel that can be used to charge phones and laptops.

•Eco-Coffee Fabric (Singtex) – made from ground coffee SCafe fabric and sports clothing helps  regulate body temperature, provides UV protection and fights odour.

•Panther E-Bike (BESV) – the lightest commuter e-bike in the world. Sleek and stylish the Panther is  a pedal assisted electric bike designed for urban riders.

•Predator 8 Gaming Tablet (Acer) – taking mobile gaming experiences to new heights this tablet  has in-built speakers, easy to customize settings and a display to die for.

•Pringo Portable Photo Printer (HiTi Digital) – the world’s first high quality mini portable dye-sub  photo printer. •Efold Electronic Treadmill (Strengthmaster) – as used in the White House ... this treadmill has  power assisted folding and incline and is light enough to be carried from room to room.

•EVO Folding Bike (Strida) – a unique triangular framed bike that can be folded up within five  seconds.

•Amor H1 Heart Rate Monitor (Leadtek) – this lightweight, wearable monitor reminds the user to  exercise safely, and provides important autonomic nervous system analysis. •Gunilamp (Gunitech) – a Bluetooth lamp with 16 million colour variations that can be adjusted  by its downloadable app. The rechargeable Freedom Lamp for outdoor use comes with alarm and  group/situational lighting.

•Mozbii stylus (Mozbii) – the world’s first colour picking stylus – for kids and adults. Press the stylus  against an object’s surface to capture the colour then start drawing on the tablet.

•Combo WAN Router (Draytek) – providing network solutions with high-integrated service and  reliability. In addition, other premium Taiwan brands will also be showing their new-to-market products such  as the renowned Giant with their road-smooth Defy Advanced Pro bike, tech innovators ASUS and  their laptop come tablet Transformer Book Chi and gadget experts.

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