Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beauty is skin deep but an empty belly bulges out

Apparently only the rich and attractive get anywhere in life they seduce others into thinking 'They know all, I mean look at this, this is skill!' more like botox and liposuction! Also it's true about blondes having a power over men, they make men act stupid - there's something in the colour, I don't know what specifically - I'm no scientist but apparently women are more aroused by lesbian fornication - but it's all based on reports and you know averages.

I just got royally peeved yesterday by being told in not so many terms a woman who worked with me in June was trying to take over and get me kicked out of the company purely using her good looks. It's ridiculous purely on the fact she came from being full time to 2 days a week - wjhat power can she harness in two days? Secondly she could turn a computer on let alone take over the office dealings. Some people really are in love with them selves and for the record she wasn't even spectacular looking! For a 39 year old she had good skin and a ginger perm...with was all natural of course but that was it.

I don't trust any 'attractive' person or anyone arrogant enough to think their image overides another persons hard work.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Backlash on Nick Griffins

Even though the BNP has three European seats, they are still under scrutiny but the minority of voters.

It may be only a little egg-ing for him but it's making a point that people aren't going to accept this take over so easily. What happened to the Green party???

Monday, 1 June 2009


After seeing some caricatures and talking ti a friend about it, it's easy (well for me anyway) I've done them before and I love drawing, why aren't I doing them anymore?

Lazy, loss of interest, creativity sucked out of me...

I'm not sure, maybe I should make an effort to share with someone at the next London Expo and do that. Hmmm this sounds like a plan.

I need to keep my mind rolling, otherwise I'm just a media wannabe - oh crap i can't believe i just said that. Meh.

This spot on my left cheek is driving me mad, my boss keeps staring at it and bringing attention to it - even thought I cleverly tried to disguise it as a mole...d'oh!

One of my friends, the trainee vet is going Brighton for a few days (why, i'm not sure but who cares if i get a free lift). Me thinks i may go for the day on Sunday as I do still want a shexay tan and all the tanned people at ym office are driving me mad, did they literally squirt themselves with lighter flid and lie on a black bin bag and scream 'Burn baby burn'. It's not fair i want some vitamin E.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Making a Brand

So my partner in crime for my prospective venture is a little... lost for focus.

Now there's no point me me getting all hot and bothered about that as well - it was her idea. I took it further with research into names & logos for our 'business'. I know it doesn't exist yet but just thinking about it gets me excited.

She's not had an ideas of designs but has come up with a few suggestions for names, she wants glamorous stationary and I want cute/gothic accessories. I've made some samples, but it's gonna take us a while to get the stage of Me & Zena, I actually met the creator in spittlefields with her stuff and it looks so professional, the branding, leaflets, quality of products - and she's havign a hard time getting into TopShop, imagine that. that would give you a stable amount of money coming in every month but struggling in a market int he meanwhile that is NOT where I wanna be.

So maybe this 'idea' should be a hobby and I should stick to my media career - well if you can class a extended internship as one.

Being criticsied everyda, even for the stuff I think I've pegged maybe disheartening but I can't say it hasn't taught me either - I've become resistant to petty comments, more patient and understand people better too. There are so many weirdos out there, it's a matter of handling them and getting the best.

So the next best step to be taken seriously is to take care of myself, I'm going to endulge myself every month, feeling good will really come out in my mood and work:

  • Skin - beauty treatments, especially with my skin flaring up with spots ...argh, apparently 'Primrose Oil' tablets are good for hormones but that can send your skin into a mess, so soemthing that may work well with one person may not work well with you.
  • De-hairing - eyebrows make the face look more pronounced, it will give me more of a mature looknot this 'baby faced' bollucks.
  • Hair - every 3 months I should trim it as the condidtion of my hair has deteriorated due to heavy dying. Dying will be a treat every so often unless I decide to go to henna.
  • Buys trinkets - ok so i buy small stuff all the time but maybe I should save and splash out on more substantial stuff like this necklace which is ALWAYS sold out ....bah!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Entertainment Home

I've decided today, that I really need to plan my life and that I am not going to do a 8 hours shift job- from 9-5pm slogging my guts out sell my soul to the devil so i can make commission on my minimum wage.

The sacrifice started last year beginning of June 08, I signed my life away to an internship, my first media based job. It was voluntary but it had taken me a year to finally nail one down. i had assumed after all my other lame placements this would be the hardest and I'd have to really kiss ass if I'd want to stick around and make it. Any fresh & dewy eyed graduates present? Please slap yourself senselessly to understand what I'm about to write next...everyone has a degree these days, so what in the hell makes you feel so spacial? Unless you have studied 6 years to be a doctor - let's face it when earth burns out and there are a selected number of places on the space ships to Mars -you guys are going to be on top of the VIP list. Unless you've studied 10 years to become an architect - we need some pimping cribs in outer space none of those mud huts.

Everything revolves around what you can do and what you've done to show you will do what's required of you. It's all about work experience. A degree only shows you are committed to something and adhered to the rules, that's about it.

So I've been working at this media company for almost a year, i can't say i expected it but a lot of things have happened in between and if it doesn't work out I have my back up plan. What can i say, no one knows what the future hold. I could get mowed down by a run away donkey cart.