Friday, 30 July 2010

Eastenders 2010

'Eastenders' (British soap loved by Brits & even Steven Spielburg) do love bending the fabric of reality a lot these days.

My favourite has to be Syed (son of Massod - Asian family) has homosexual feelings for Christian and well short of losing his family but screwing up his marriage, he is punished by being sent to a psychiatrist to de-gay him.

The wheelchair boy is a passive aggressive douche basically blackmailing Lucy for sexual favors in return for homework and test papers - I'm sure disabled ppl can be horrible but this is a bit OTT...

Well'ard the dog being shown to overdose on Belgium chocolate and die - I personally have been scarred for life.

Heather and Darren do the dirty and have a child - seriously if you google them you will understand the ridiculousness, Heather is in her 40's and Darren is what 16?

Then the latest is Preacher Lucas murders sinners in the name of God. Denise is killed but then comes to life - this was just sill, her body was found and identified and yet she was alive locked up in the basement next door.

Come on writers give us some Lost style suspense...

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