Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mortal Kombat: the origins of TOASTY

The first ever 'toasty' encounter I saw was Dan's purple shhirt from MK3 on the Sega Saturn. To this day I always remember it as 'Gutted'

So this morning I used facebook after a while and I was looking through the news feed, after various photos of cute kittens i wanted to squish in my palm, came across the simple status of:

 'Streetfighter is crap'

Lol not a big thing to most people but to a gamer that's deep! Lol if I'd made such a bold statement I'd be cussed down in seconds. This guy was lucky, 1 like and no comments, I went ahead to post:

'lol your friends must really love not to beat you down for that statement ;)'

'Lol they can bring it I'll show them the way in tekken an mortal komat.'

XD I couldn't have agreed anymore!  This made me search for the famous MK trash talk of 'Gutted' which i realised didn't exsist and it actually called 'Toasty' say whhhhattt? My childhood was a lie? A mish mash of screams, grunts and punches? A LIE! (Lol I'll explain why it's called 'toasty' later.)

Comparing fighting games: Tekken uses more skill;  and well Mortal Kombat IS JOKES. I'm not a fan of the 2D fighting style BUT MK 'S FATALITIES IS ENOUGH and the added bonus of Toasty always brightened up a crappy for me. Ps. I always thought back from when i buttoned bashed on my Sega Saturn that the dude said 'Gutted' another legend of Aisha.

Enjoy the original trash talk of Dan Forden and the new revamped HD version:

To get Dan to say toasty in the original games you had to preform a dirty vicious uper cut, in The origin of Toasty is pure trash talk between Dan and Ed and well Dan would say 'I predict Toat' as in 'your toast' (God bless Americans!) and this eventually turned in 'TOASTY!' Listen to the G's story here:

'Toasty' has been featured inj MK 2, MK3, MK 4 (Dan Forden would say "Toasty 3D!"), Deadly Alliance(failing a minigame gained the taunt of"Toasty!"), Shaolin Monks, Deception, Chess Kombat and Mortal Kombat (2011) whereForden sports a gray tshirt with a slice of toast with butter superimposed on it.

Also here's some easter eggs I found via!

Pop Culture

The Toasty entered into the internet realm in 2011 by the website Toasty It in which you can pay homage to your favorite website in true Mortal Kombat II style. Simply by entering in the URL of the desired website, Dan Forden will grace the bottom corner of the chosen website singing that everlasting tune! This timely Easter egg has an Easter egg of it's own in which clicking on Dan Forden's image will start Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" with randomized MK characters breaking out in a flash dance. Reloading the page and clicking on Dan Forden's image will release a new MK character.

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