Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Street Fighter V Launch event

Members of the Capcom Uk community would have received free tickets to this intimate event and they 50 tickets were raffled online to people to win amongst a few other ways to get into this supper hush hush event.
Upon entering you had about 10 consoles you could freely play and fight people in the vicinity. You also had an exclusive two pods which were for tournaments to win freebies courtesy of Capcom UK including mugs, PS4 skins, stat cards, head bands and more.
For entertainment you had a free bar to have as much as you like, a steady infux of nibbles entering the room and a few Street Fighter branded fortune cookies scattered on tables. Twice during the evening we had live performances of characters reconstructing fights from the game.
It was mentioned that the creator of the game Yoshinori Ono would be in attendance and people expected an announcement of a signing or photo session. Througout the night while watching the matches, a fellow Gamer elebowed me saying 'It's him.' I spun around exiting a selfie to see and with a puzzled said 'Where? I can't see him?' and to my suprise a crouching Oni who was taking photos of the fights stood up, turned around and waved at me saying 'Hello!'
ono 2
It was alike a scene from an anime and as soon as I stopped saying 'OMG OMG OMG' I proceeded to get a selfie and group photo with all my friends including. This was a top 10 moment of my life. Capcom Uk even got in on the action and took photos of us in our selfie mode with Ono. He then got hounded by others after we initially spotted the ninja at the vent.
Whilst mingling we ended up near the entrance and saw a orange bomber jacket move through the crown and stop to look back, we all waved Ono goodbye as he left the building.  For a last minute decision to attend this was a glorious night and I hope to see more from Capcom UK for the fans.
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