Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer Explorers! Free Anime Screenings at the Japan Foundation (July 2015)

This summer the Japan Foundation have organised a day packed full of special anime film screenings, all of which can be enjoyed on the big screen! 
11:30am: Anime for Everyone! (Recommended for ages 2+)KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat
1:00pm: Anime Goes Underground (Recommended for ages 8+)SOS! TOKYO METRO EXPLORERS: THE NEXT
2:10pm: Anime Meets (Recommended for ages 10+)Negadon: The Monster from Mars
Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek
4:15pm: Retro Anime (Recommended for ages 8+)Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: The Movie
Featuring an intro by Japanese anime expert Helen McCarthy.

Date:1 August 2015 from 11.30am
BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN
Nearest tube station: Piccadilly Circus or Green Park

Other anime's shown by Japan Foundation have been - 
Barefoot Gen (which will be showing again check website for more details)
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Monday, 27 July 2015

London Harajuku Fashion Walk 2015

26th July 2015 marked the London Harajuku Walk 2015 in Marble arch. Despite the wind and rain a large group of Japanese Fashion enthusiasts congregated under the Marble arch. This included a variety of youtubers, bloggers, photographers and videographers to see what was going on. After a 30 minute wait to grab all fashionistas we began the walk.

Since it was raining our entourage decided to hit up the museums of Kensington which included the V&A, Science museum, and the British Museum. Enroute we found a delightful pop up cafe with shin y outer casings where all the ladies and gents delighted in stopping for selfies and group photos.

Resuming to South Kensington, due to the queues we went into the Science museum for a spot of lunch and wonder.Due to the large group. We decided to head to China Town and because of an event all the roads were closed so we walked the roads and enjoyed the music down Oxford Circus, where no one batted an eyelid as everyone else were dressed as Bees. We also got stopped by Barefoot Wine who got a group photo with us and offered us some free bubbly.

Upon entering China Town we visited the delightful Purikura booth which sadly was shut due to maintenance on the machines :-( But we then decided to check out the stalls before heading for some well needed dinner at Misatos  - an enjoyable day despite the miserable weather. Looking forward to the next meet - met so many new faces !

Find the rest of my photos herehttp://on.fb.me/1Ipnaae

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Jamie Lee Curtis and family cosplayed as 'Street Fighter' characters to sneak into EVO

Jamie Lee Curtis a professed Street Fighter Fan

Famed Horror Actress from Halloween series, Jamie Lee Curtis, and her family cosplayed as characters from the popular fighting games Street Fighter and Tekken. This was so she and  her son could attend Evolution Championship Series (EVO) currently happening now  in USA. Evo is the the world's largest fighting-game tournament held annually in Las Vegas, this weekend. Curtis chose masked fighter Vega — the perfect way to stay incognito and not get recognised by fans.

People only realised she was in anttendance after she revealed all on her twitter account about how much fun she had whilst tagging the EVO event account. Curtis has declared her love for Street Fighter in the past, saying she picked it up because of her son and even refers to planing to take her son  to EVO this year ina recent interview as his graduation present.

Curtis adds that her favorite character in Street Fighter is tough military chick Cammy, who appears in the upcoming Street Fighter V game.

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Corpse Party: Blood Drive on Vita in EU for Halloween

Marvelous Europe announced today that ‘Corpse Party: Blood Drive’ for PlayStation Vita will release digitally and physically this Halloween and is available NOW to pre-order from the Marvelous Europe Store. Corpse Party features two physical editions priced at £44.99 & £29.99 and standard digital download from the PS Vita Store for £29.99.

 Pre order from www.corpseparty.eu

As people may have heard from my podcast Otaku Nation UK me and, Harriet and Alex had mixed opinions on the anime. The anime grossed out most people but I thought it was an exemplary for a shirt 13 series where the audeince is gripped and given a satisfactory ending. Nothing felt rushed in this anime where school kids open a dimensional portal in their schools past where they are sucked into torture and murder. The 13 episodes explained the schools grotesque past and characters given and spirits to the interesting connections. I didn't think twice to try out the remastered version on the game on PSP. It had the charm of old classic 2D RPG's but great story.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the final instalment of the Horror Adventure story that began with Corpse Party on PSP I played in 2010, followed by Corpse Party: Book of Shadows in 2013. Corpse Party: Blood Drive allows players to control both individuals and groups of characters as they explore the Heavenly Host Elementary school as well as other notable locations. The game features a top-down 3D perspective and tasks players with dodging, disarming, running, solving and interacting with the larger world in order to advance the plot and discover what lies at the core of the events happening at Heavenly Host Elementary.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive features a thrilling narrative and deep characters that the player must work with in order to survive the many trials and tribulations of Heavenly Host Elementary. Story points throughout the game are presented in graphic visual novel-style cutscenes, and the game features many endings based upon the tasks completed throughout the campaign.

"To be able to work with the developers of Corpse Party: Blood Drive and deliver something unique to the European market, while simultaneously expanding our portfolio is something that we are incredibly grateful for" commented Michael Fisher, Community Manager at Marvelous Europe. “We hope that people will find much to love in Corpse Party: Blood Drive whether it be the deep, rich narrative experience or nerve-racking gameplay that they face as they explore its dark world.”

Experience the world of Corpse Party in full 3D for the first time ever. All environments from the previous series entries have been meticulously re-created for this brand new instalment, and can be fully explored with an in-game flashlight precariously lighting the way.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive features far more ways for characters to fight back against the darkness inside Heavenly Host - Sprint in short bursts, disarm traps, hide and more in order to thwart your pursuers from reaching their goal.

3D binaural audio for simulated surround sound and screen-altering visual effects make their return for Corpse Party: Blood Drive, along with a whole host of extra unlockables such as Voice Actor Interviews, Art Stills, Music Tracks and more!

With 11 huge story chapters and 8 supplemental “Extra Chapters” there is plenty to explore in Corpse Party: Blood Drive, its story providing shocking twists and unbelievable turns as you unravel the mystery at the heart of it all.

Marvelous Europe also announced that they will be bringing Corpse Party: Blood Drive to their booth at Gamescom 2015, where you can have a hands on experience with the title contact, Sam at Decibel for an appointment.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House; Princess Mononoke

For one night only, Summer Screen invites you to leave reality behind and be transported by this sweeping and spiritual fantasy from Studio Ghibli, visionary creators of magical animated tales for all ages,  Princess Mononoke. A colourful cast of characters and creatures – brave and beastly, sublime and scary - inhabit the detailed magical landscape of this environmentally-themed adventure. The humans and mythical beings engage in a battle for the soul of their world and power. (In Japanese with English subtitles).

The magic of viewing films at Somerset house is that they are held outside on a giant screen - this event is a must see for anime and Studio Ghibli fans.
Date: Sunday, 9 August 2015
Address: Somerset House

£16.00 + booking fees
Duration 134mins

Doors open: 18.30, DJ from 18.45 then Film starts approximately 21.00

Buy tickets here.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Summer London Anime & Gaming Con 2015

Harajuku fashion show
We have hit the July the month for back to back conventions, it started off with London Anime & Gaming con. This one is held locally in London at the Metropolitan University and Rocket Complex. Due to popularity Anime League have used more parts of the building to accommodate more attendees and entertainment.

I actually ran and hosted the Harajuku Fashion show; with a new stage team, we dealt with the late start due to previous performers diva-ish attitudes causing issues and sound difficulties but the models hit the stage like pros. We had a selection of Gal, Gothic Lolita, Punk, Visual Kei, and Steampunk. The Steampunk section was in collaboration with The Toggery UK bringing an insight into steampunk fashion.

Special thanks to League of Extraordinary Cosplayers for this photo of me & Ani-mia
Most of the highlights of the event were the panels for me including the body confidence talk with American Cosplayer Ani-mia who was very open in telling the attendees to cosplay for themselves and to promote confidence. Not only that Ani-mia also did a cosplay group photo with all her fans int eh courtyard as a lovely souvenir for all the attendees to remember her by. If she wasn't at her booth selling signed prints and generally chatting to people she was out and about doing interviews, photo shoots and judging the cosplay contest with fellow judges Enja Cosplay and Kerri Louise.

Mojo Jones and Marcus "dice wizard" Gill also did a panel on how the geek community has helped them with mental and social disorders. Alot of attendees came to listen and also share their experiences and supported. Mojo later preformed a saucy burlesque show with Dixie Rocket and two new ladies.

Mojo Jones & Marcus talking about Mental Illness
There was also a new panel for blogging in the Geek community which featured Eddie from Food and Cosplay (tumblr expert), Becca from League of Extraordinary Cosplayers(photographer), Sophie from Sophie's Japan Blog(twitter expert) and me Aisha Anime (veteran blogger). We shared our insight into social media and blogging. You write about what you like and do so for fun not free stuff. if you prove yourself or get notice you can gain benefits. This isn't a profession that can sustain you more of a hobby.

Last but not least was Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr Robotnik/Eggman he was scheduled for signings in the TCG room where fans brought their collection of Sonic and Pokemon memorabilia to get signed. Some of the interesting items were hand painted canvas shoes, a water colour drawing, tins of Evil Ham and a metro article about Mike but calling his character Dr Eggplant. Him and his family roamed around the con and were happy to take photos and sign things.

The event was small and intimate where everyone virtually knew each other but had so much fun catching up with friends. The array of guests including British cosplayers in attendance was excellent. There were two stages of great entertainment including the charity cosplay auction, dub that anime at the bar stage and even Karaoke as-well as the gaming building. Alongside great stalls to purchase your merchandise and snacks.

See more of my photos here.

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Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata dies at 55

Satoru Iwata underwent surgery last year for his cancer and had resumed his duties after a brief period of recovery. Iwata was a highly revered figure in the Japanese gaming scene, he was considered the leading figure behind some of Nintendo's most popular devices since he joined the company in 2000. Most recently, he led Nintendo into the rapidly growing mobile gaming sector.

Iwata's main focus was marketing consoles to a non gamer audience and successfully launched the Nintendo DS and two years later the Wii which was branded with "Even your Grandma can play this." He was known for being a gamer first and CEO second.

Mr Iwata started out as a programmer in a Nintendo subsidiary in the 1980s and became president of Nintendo in 2002.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

YOSHIKI x TOSHI from X JAPAN at Hyper Japan

YOSHIKI from X JAPAN has announced his participation in this summer’s HYPER JAPAN. YOSHIKI AND TOSHI will give a SPECIAL UN-PLUGGED PERFORMANCE, and have a X JAPAN booth signing merchandise and posing for photos with the fans !

Band leader YOSHIKI and vocalist TOSHI will present the “YOSHIKI x TOSHI from X JAPAN special live showcase” at the 2,700 capacity concert house inside the 02 Arena. Fans of X JAPAN will be overjoyed to hear that X JAPAN will be holding a concert at Wembley Arena on March 12, 2016! To commemorate this announcement, YOSHIKI and TOSHI will be performing a selection of their songs and making an appearance at the X JAPAN booth that day. Furthermore, they will be making another appearance at the booth on the 12th, from 15:00 to 16:00. At the X JAPAN booth, YOSHIKI’s beloved crystal drum set will be on display, and fans will be able to purchase Wembley Arena advance tickets, T-shirts and other goods.

YOSHIKI x TOSHI from X JAPAN Special Performance

Date and time: 15:45-16:45 on Saturday July 11th 2015
Venue: HYPER Live! Stage

Special Live Showcase Entrance: A general entry ticket (Saturday Second Session/Dual ticket/3-Day ticket) is necessary to enter. Entrance on the day will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis, and the number of audience members will be limited. Queueing for the live showcase will open at 15:00.

YOSHIKI x TOSHI from X JAPAN Special Appearance

Date and time: 17:00-18:00 on Saturday July 11th 2015

Date and time: 15:00-16:00 on Sunday July 12th 2015

Venue: X JAPAN Booth, Area 2

Tickets for the Wembley Arena concert will also be on sale at the X JAPAN booth! If you’re lucky to obtain tickets for the Wembley concert, YOSHIKI and TOSHI will be there to give you a High-Five! If the duo aren’t at the booth when you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive a voucher which you can use to get a High-Five with them at Wembley Arena. The seats allocated for purchases made at HYPER JAPAN are specially selected seats with good views, so be sure to get yours!

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Okinawa Day 2015

Okinawa day 2015 crept up fast this year with underground advertising - literally on the underground tube station tunnels and in the metro. It was delightful to see what Japanese tradition and culture the organisation had to show us this year outside Spittlefields Market, near Liverpool street station.

Some of the highlights included Okinawan music including Kariyushi and Mo Ashibi, but if you likes action there were a lot of karate demonstrations to enjoy. One of my favourites are the self defense stances.

You also had opportunities to eat some authentic food, snacks and buy merchendise including Okinawan prints especially screen printed for this event. For more details on Okinawa day go to the website: http://www.okinawaday.org.uk/

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Goju Ryu Karate