Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MIB 3: Let's get some dumb ass pie

 Ahhh another week of poverty another orange Wednesday exploit - Since I missed out on May MCM expo last week thought I'd catch up with my Anime buddies through the joy of Will Smith. Considering I went in thinking this movie was going to be melted cheese, you know stuck to the bottom of the grill you'd have to chistle off? Good idea reheated too many times.

Surprisingly you didn't really have to watch any of the previous movies to understand what was going on.

Though I was perplexed as to why Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dollz was in the movie for best of 5 minutes and why was just delicious cake wasted? Do not be deceived by the voice of the villain of this movie Boris the animal who is played by Jemaine Clement and not Tim Curry :p

Loving all the food references, Sharwara again? Avengers Assemble have started a trend  and let me tell you sharwarma's differ and taste better than doners. Pie is featured quite a lot and it is beyond me why K like's to eat 'apple pie with a slice of nasty cheese' but I will have to try now. Also the bikes they ride on in the movie look strangely similar to Mr Garrison's prototype from South park.

The on going joke of Agent K being 100 is well founded in this movie as Tommy did look like he was getting on a bit and so did his love interest Agent o (Emma Thompson). Apart from Agent O, Boris and Griff (Unicorn dude who sees into the future)we aren't introduced to any new or even cameos to past characters. You didn't feel anything missing as the banter between Agent K & J carried the film.

This movie focused on time jumping and parodies history with references to Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol I don't believe in spoilers so i won't divulge TOO much but a lot of interesting background history on Agent J & K come up and fills in a few holes from the past movies. Will Smith hasn't done a movie since 2008 when he played the main role and produced the movie Seven pounds and didn't let us done with his delivery of witty cynicism.

Also the D-box is now ready to use at Cineworld so for an extra 4 quid you can watch your movies whilst vibrating :s 

Lastly here are some of the best dialogues from the movie, couldn't chop this stuff up :p

Agent J: The world is under destruction and you wanna get pie? Your right let's stop following clues and doing police work and do something stupid. Come on let's get some dumb ass pie K!

Agent J: Okay. You know how you're on an airplane and the flight attendant asks you to turn your cell phone off, and you're like; I ain't turnin' my cell phone off, that's doin' no harm to the damn airplane?

[pointing to the saucer crash behind him]

Agent J:
Well, this is what we get. That's what happens, it gets up there, bounces around on the satellite, and bam! Just turn your damn cell phone off. Now you're gonna drop off a cliff cause your GPS don't work.

cutest monster ever :D
[referring to the donar kebab meat that's being roasted on a vertical spit]
Agent J: Seriously, I'm not even sure that's meat! I think I just saw a tooth in that thing, or a claw, a hoof.
[K takes buys a kebab from the kebab vendor and walks off]
Agent J: That does not belong in a pita, it belongs in a casket.
Agent K: You know, it feels good to eat in silence.
Agent J: But see, here's the problem. You can't smell it, because your nose already smells like that, where my nose doesn't.
Agent K: Silence feels good with a lot of things. Did you ever try it, or is talking the way you breath?
Agent J: If you hate me, you should just say you hate me. Don't take it out on the car.
Agent K: You know, I'm enjoying this.
Agent J: Wow! Enjoyment. So, that's what enjoyment looks like on that face. I like that emotion.
Agent K: Let's keep emotion out of it.
Agent J: Out of what, K? Life?

[at the MIB headquarters, K delivers a eulogy for the recently departed Z]
Agent K: I worked with Z for over forty year, and in all that time he never invited me to dinner. He never asked me to his house, or watch a game. He never shared a single detail of his personal life.
[he pauses for a moment]
Agent K: Thank you.
[K walks off and comes to stand next to J, who looks amazed at K's short eulogy]
Mannix: And now we will hear from our new chief, Agent O.
Agent O: Thank you, Agent K. That was very moving.
[J turns to K as he stands next to him]
Agent J: That was your eulogy?
Agent K: He was a good man. 

Agent J: Ooh, man! These look like they come from the planet damn.

[K and J are sat at a table the Chinese restaurant with the intestinal worm problem]
Agent J:
That was just mean, what you did to Hula back there. That's just disrespectful.
Agent K:
I used to play a game with my dad, what would you have for your last meal. We could do worse than this.
Agent J:
Oh. Okay. Um...I used to play a game with my dad called catch. Except I would throw the ball and it would just hit the wall, cause he wasn't there.

Agent K: Do you know the most destructive force in the universe?
Agent J: Sugar?
Agent K: Regret.

1969 NYPD Cop #1: Where did you get the car?
1969 NYPD Cop #2:
And the suit?
Agent J:
I stole them, both. from your wife, the suit from your grandmother.

Agent J: That gentlemen is a standard issue Neuralizer, but you're not gonna remember that. And just because you see a black man driving in a nice car, does not mean he stole it.
[J pauses for a moment before admitting]

Agent J:
I stole that one. But not cause I'm black!

Boris' Girlfriend: It's a cake.
Prison Guard #2: I'll be the judge of that
 Prison Guard #2: It appears to be some sort of cake. 

Young Agent K: You have to trust the pie.

Little Chocolate Milk Girl: Mommy, the president is drinking my milk...and he didn't say please.

Griffin: First we gotta get high.
J: My man, for real?
Griffin: No, real HIGH.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Japanese People Don’t Like to be ALONE

I believe most things in life are fun when done in a group. It’s a given sometimes we need our independence and alone time but we’re naturally sociable being and it would really suck without the company of others.

Kotaku posted results of an online research poll of nearly one thousand of its users find flying solo depressing. Have a looksie yourself:

9. Eating at a ramen restaurant alone: 1.9 percent
8. Traveling alone: 2 percent
7. Seeing a movie alone: 2.3 percent
6. Going to a concert alone: 6.4 percent
4. Going to karaoke alone: 13.3 percent
4. Going to a bar alone: 13.3 percent
3. Going to a buffet alone: 21.5 percent
2. Going to a yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant alone: 23.4 percent
1. Going to an amusement park alone: 53.7 percent

Being asked “A table for one?” is generally seen as somewhat pathetic when going to places people usually go with their friends, family, or loved ones. Ramen restaurants are often (though, not always) places businessmen quickly grab lunch or dinner, so many people are more used to going to these types of restaurants by themselves. I’m not one to go Nandos on my own but there are some die hard chicken fans out there that would so fair dos to the peri peri fiends.

Recently, there’s been a trend to make certain kinds of solo activities less depressing, such as karaoke places that specialize in serving customers who want to sing alone. Great for people like me who generally have so much range you jealous fools can’t take my skills.

It’s interesting that arcades weren’t included in this poll as that’s an independent activity where you immerse yourself in the game and frankly zone out however after going to a Games tournament I enjoyed it more with a group of cheerleaders cheering me on :D

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

V&A exhibits Lolita fashion: Kitty and the Bulldog

Exhibit: Lolita fashion, (Japan section) Room 45
Location: V&A, nearest tube South Kensington

Dates: 23 April 2012 – January 2013
Opening: 10:00 – 17:45 and until 22:00 every Friday
Cost: Free :)

After hearing a detailed talk from curator of the exhibit at HyperJapan February 2012 I was curious to see what the differences of Japanese Lolita fashion to the new wave of Western Lolitas. The event would be showcasing different genres following the different movements in Britain. With some additions of exotic and alternative has resulted in the re-appropriation and sometimes extreme recasting of traditional modes of Japanese dress.

The V&A homes split up in specialized exhibits and countries or origin, this exhibit is part of V&A British Design Season displays exhibiting eight outfits recently bought in Tokyo for the V&A’s permanent collections and is housed in the Japan section.

Starting from right to left in ode to Japanese tradition first is the Japanese Lolita by Mamechiyo Modern, Mamechiyo spent many years dealing in vintage kimonos before establishing her own label 2003. Her aim was to make the kimono affordable and integrate everyday elements to it like accessories, in this particular piece the headdress catches attention and so do the lacey colour and mixed obi combination with bow belt on top.

Takuya Angel’s piece struck a deep impression upon me with the incorporation of samurai attire with erotic additions to display as protection aka the PVC mask perhaps being used as amour in this outfit’s context rather than anything seedy? Takuya Sawada is a self taught designer, DJ and musician so you see a piece of him in the outfit with the straw rave Mohawk adding some character to the simple outfit. 

I then started seeing more of the beginning of Punk Lolita with Sixh. + MINT Neko piece, showcasing red tartan, with the whacky cat mascot from Mint Neko. This outfit is a collaboration between the two clothes brand owing their success to visual kei followers enjoying their creations.
Putumayo has kept to the Asian layered tier skirt reminiscent to classic Lolita. Their range is focused on mid teenagers to young women with their ‘whimsical’ take on hardcore punk. As far as they are concerned you can still wear chains and look feminine. 

Alice Auaa showcases the second male outfit out of the exhibit but not focusing on the masculinity as Takuya Sawada. We are given more of a androgynous Neo from Matrix kind of feel. Created by another self taught, designer from Osaka called Yasutaka Funakoshi. He spent two years importing British New wave, fetish and punk and displaces light undertones rather than to overbear us. With the subtle bandage sleeves almost creating a ghostly effect, it was this horror Goth & bondage style than kept it out of mainstream Punk.

Now casting eyes upon well known Gothic Lolita label Moi-même-Moitié, originally established by Mana of Malice Mizer in 1999 with the strapline of ‘Elegant Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance’ this is one for the Twightlight fans. They have two fashion lines for female Lolita and male Aristocrats. Their signature is having stripes of ultramarine blue in their ensembles.

Now with an injection of colour we have the, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates combo. On the left Baby the Stars Shine Bright established since 1988. Tokyo by Akinori & Fumiyo Isobe, their clothes catalogue being the bible for sweet Lolita, there label hit the skies when their clothes were used as costumes on the novel adaptation Shimotsumo Monogatari you may now this film by its alternative name Kamikaze girls. Alice and the Pirates is a sub branch of BTSSB launched in 2004 keeping the overall sweet theme, patterns and designs but for the more edgy Goth & Punk Lolita. (Borrowing ideas from Vivienne Westwood’s 1981 Pirate collection.) You can find their stalls at Hyperjapan always selling out all their clothes and special goody bags on the first day!

Last but not least we have Innocent World, an Osaka-based design house founded by Yumi Fujiwara. It follows the classic Lolita movement with a hint of sweet with all its fabric patterns. The company follows the tagline of ‘a simple world without dirt or blemish’ that reflects ‘the pure and innocent hearts of young women’. This particular outfit shows aspects of ‘Mori’ (country chic).

I hope this collection grows and has additions of ‘Wai Lolita’ and more new amalgamations of the ever growing Lolita movement.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shawarma: Avengers Approve

I prefer this ending XD

So I went to see Avengers Assemble for the second time with my and cousin today and let me tell you enjoyed it all over again if not more, paying more attention to the witty insults !

the best part is when I got home my bro's found the alternate credits scene which was shown in America (Europe got to see some red dude's chin) and it was the group indeed eating Shawarma's after saving the planet - Iron Man you did me proud !

Tony Stark: You ever try Shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't what it is, but I want to try it.

Watch it on youtube here.

What is a Shawarma?   It's an Arab variation of a doner kebab, with different (better) meat and a marinade wrapped in a tortilla wrap not pita - totally recommend, the video also shows you how to make one <3

As well as the Avengers Assemble making big bucks at the cinemas, the sharwarma industry has incurred profit surges as a result too :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Cabin in the Woods: Good work, zombie arm!

Poster with mini reviews
So after much publicity and hype about The Cabin in the Woods being the horror of the year, I thought what the hell another horror movie under my belt but mostly 'OMG Thor's in it raaaaaaah!' ha ha ha!

Apparently the MGM company went bust and this film had been sitting on the shelf collecting dust till someone took over and released it 4 years later :p and let me tell you it did Chris Hemsworth a favour! Joss must of really liked the guy to give him the role Thor which I personally think he shone in. This film however did not do him much justice.

It stepped outside the box literally Buffy style demons and crazy notions of the world ending but it just didn't have much background or substance, I actually walked out unsatisfied. I enjoyed Lockout, John Carter hell even my gushy Bollywood more than this film.

The first 30mins were interesting but it did a merman belly crawl to a pointless ending really. Great script from Joss Whedon but even with all the witty humour, irony and even Chris dying stupidity (in ode to Thor) I was truly dissapoint. Did I mention there were zombies and this film STILL couldn't redeem itself?! The film get's points for special effects and mindless blood and gore though.

But don't be hating on me Buffy fanatics, here are some of my favourite quotes from the movie that made the film bearable:

Curt: [Jules is holding complex textbooks] What are these?
Jules: Nothing.
Curt: [angrily] No. I'm serious. What are these?
Jules: I just...
Curt: Where did you learn about this stuff?
Jules: From you, okay? I learned it from watching you!
[Runs out of the room, Curt laughs]

Mordecai: Cleanse them. Cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe them in the crimson of -
Mordecai: Am I on speakerphone?
Hadley: No, no of course not.
Mordecai: Yes I am. I can hear the echo. Take me off. Now.
Hadley: Okay, sorry.
Mordecai: I'm not kidding. It's rude. I don't know who's in the room. 

Wiry Girl: That's not fair! I had zombies too!
Sitterson: Yes, you had "Zombies." But this is "Zombie Redneck Torture Family." Entirely separate thing. It's like the difference between an elephant and an elephant seal.

Marty: I'm gonna read a book with pictures.

Marty: He's got a husband bulge.

Marty: Good work, zombie arm.

Dana: I'm so sorry I almost shot you. I probably wouldn't have.
Marty: Hey, shh, no. I totally get it. I'm sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf and then ended the world.

Marty: [whispers] Puppeteers...
Dana: Puppeteers?
Marty: Pop Tarts? Did you say you have Pop Tarts?   

 Marty: (points at wolf head) Go make out with that moose!