Saturday, 22 August 2015

Angel's Cave: White Lace Cat Beret

Photos by Caroline Mound Photography
Angel's Cave originally focused on dolly attire and accessories to complex wig threading and face plates since I met them at the Danny Choo Culture night ! When the team is not working on making adorable clothes for these smart dolls.they are now making gorgeous hair accessories for human heads now.

Charlotte and Danny Choo
Charlotte has constructed her own pattern for lace cat berets in a variety of colours to match your moggy and stand out in your hair. With moving limbs you can pose them to fit your head and they really look great with any outfit.

As a part time Lolita, I have been experimenting with colors and styles and I took a try at sweet Lolita - Pink isn't really my colour but it really worked with the beret. I have seen these type of hand made and stitched items crop up a lot recently and could be the next big trend in kawaii fashion.

At £5 per beret that's a real bargain and Charlotte can make them in a variety of colours too.

Buy them here.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Let's go to the Caribbean: Animekon Review

Last weekend saw the 6th annual Animekon, the self-proclaimed largest convention in the Caribbean. My friend Damian decided to go along and report on the event. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of cosplayers and… not much to do. 

"Perhaps I’m a little harsh there were numerous gaming tournaments and several booths with everything you’d expect at a con: food, comics, merch but to say you could see everything on offer in less than half an hour wouldn’t be a stretch. 

Also game companies don’t even see the Caribbean as a region, something local gamers know only too well, so don’t expect to see Sony, Microsoft, et al. in attendance showing off upcoming releases. The only gaming available will be past releases you’ll have to pay up front for the privilege of playing.

Special guests this year included Yaya Han and Kamui Cosplay whom were both amazing and had a couple cosplay panels. Other notable guests were Christian Howard of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist fame, Calen Hoffman a masterful cosplayer in his own right and authors Lucy A. Snyder and Randy Stradley.  Long Island Joe returned, not a featured guest this time around but that didn’t stop him from having an exhibition match with the champion of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. There was even a panel and booth from the infamous Full Sail University.

Animekon does have some quirks that sets it apart from other conventions I’ve been to. Perhaps the Karaoke competition isn’t that odd but the annual Kamameha competition must be unique. This year there was also a ramen eating competition as well as a push -up competition of all things. Seeing a group of guys, some in cosplay, doing choreographed push-ups is quite a sight. 

The cosplay tournament was also captivating. Barbados being a small island, it’s difficult to acquire some of the materials that are ubiquitous in cosplay in developed countries like worbla, but that doesn’t stop people from getting creative with fabric and cardboard and whatever else they can lay their hands on.

So all in all Animekon was a good way to spend a weekend I would’ve otherwise been home doing nothing."

For a native this isn't much compared to the London Con's he has attended but for me I can't wait to hit the warmth of the sun and different panels and talks by the top guests.

For more photos from the event go here.

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Monday, 17 August 2015

International Sailor Moon Day UK

Photo Courtesy of Manga Girl Photography

15th August 2015 marked the International Sailor Moon Day across the globe. With events such as thr original voice actress dinging at the American day. Here is a glimpse into the UK festivities.

The meet started at Waterloo station where moonies walked together to St James Park. This was the location where everyone adjusted their outfits.

There were two competitions in place, one for cosplay and fashion inspired outfit. The prize for the cosplay contest were a pair of tickets to London Anime Gamong Convention in February 2016 which were won by a pair of Sailor Uranus and Neptune. The fashion inspired outfit was awarded by myself and Pixie Late to Vicky - who wore a horoscope dress with Sailor Moon collar, Cardigan and SM inspired necklace from the anime who was awarded a SM eyeliner/wand kindly donated by Dreamy Bows - a great online source to buy your official SM goods.

There was also a detailed Sailor Moon quiz devised by the editor of Hitsu magazine, this was won by a group who all received SM lanyards.

The whole group were invited to join in recording a SM vidro message and even preformed a sing along of the English opening theme.

A great way to meet felliw moonies of all ages. We were fortunate to enjoy great weather in the park too.

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ladybaby - cute girls and a beardy wrestler

Another novelty band you may think but actually so were Babymetal but they did pretty well right? I came across this time a Japanese trio called Ladybaby -formed with two young Japanese girls - Rie Kaneko, 17; Rei Kuromiya, 14 who are accompanied by Australian Wrestler, 32, Ladybeard. They are described on their facebook as to "Destroy dancing and singing all of the border , a new sense idle group of Japan souvenir". 

So this Ladybeard is a Cosplayer, pin-up model (witch his own book may I add), established wrestler in Asia, and a heavy metal singer. Oh, and sometimes, a movie reviewer. the irony is as much as th pin up aspect freaks you out (but you cant help but look closer) one of the girls was also a puin her younger years...moving along swiftly.

The bearded idol has been perfecting this look for years now, starting to wrestle in dresses from 2009 and wearing a dress at the age of 14 at a costume party. Since then, he's enjoyed wearing women's clothing to the max and boy does he own the style.

While Ladybeard might seem gimmicky to most like Conchita (Eurovision contest) there's a bit more going on than just a bearded guy in a dress: his vocals aren't too shabby and he manages to incorperate otaku motifs in his performances and style.

It was Ladybeard who formed the band and coined the genre of his music as ‘Kawaiicore’ – death metal covers of J-pop songs. The unlikely pop group's first music video featuring a track called ‘Nippon Manju’ (Japanese Bun), a song covering all the things they love about Japan hit 1million views after being uploaded.

The video shows Ladybeard singing with his band while dressed in a French Maid's outfit or Little Bo Peep, while his two little scantily clad co-singers dance alongside him through the streets of Tokyo, one day I would like to see this in person.

Watch their video here.

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Ladybeard cosplayed as Chun Li at Comicket 2015  in Japan

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Okilly Dokilly – a Ned Flanders themed metal band

Formed last month, the American (Phoenix-based group) were discovered by Adelaide street press. They embody everything you could possibly want from a metal band with a Ned Flanders gimmik. Every member dresses like Ned. They talk like Ned. They also have Ned affixed to all of their roles.

The band revealed to Rip It Up what metal – or “Nedal” music as they call it – sounds like: “Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk,” Head Ned said. “Not as heavy as Homer J.ent – Nedal is a happy medium in the Simpscene.”

The actual idea for Okilly Dokilly’s came from Head Ned - he revealed the band’s origin story: “Myself and our drummer [Bled Ned] were in line at a grocery store, entertaining ourselves by coming up with really cutesy names for really hardcore, brutal bands. The name Okilly Dokilly came up and was very funny to us,” he said. ”We ran with it. I contacted a few friends and here we are. Most of us have played in other bands around our hometown. “This is definitely the heaviest sounding project any of us Neds have done.”

As a Simpsons fan I thought this was the most novel thing ever but after listenign to the music I actually enjoy it regardless of the Ned Flanders theme though if you listen clearly you can hear phrases from Mr Flanders subtly in the songs. I recommend you listen to Nothing at all and All that is Left.

This band is the real deal. You can even listen to some of their music – including their ode to the Leftorium ‘All That Is Left’ here.

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Film4 Summer screening of Princess Mononoke at Somerset House

Film4 after 10 years screened their another anime from Studio Ghibli. The chief programmer Dave Cox came on stage and talked of the popularity of Spirited away and then Howl's Moving castle. These anime's bought a full venue to Somerset House making Anime a more mainstream viewing.Due to the increasing popularity he mentioned a future screening of My Neighbour Totoro which prompted avid fans to scream with joy before the movie began.

It is safe to say they showed a remastered uncensored version of Princess Mononoke showing a lot more gore with heads and limbs flying off and much more spattering blood. The graphics were also sharpened and at times I felt there was CGI.

Absolutely loved the atmosphere - everyone was allowed to bring their own food and drinks but with a bar bar available. Blankets and pillows were available if you wanted to lie down and become fully engrossed in the movie. The Somerset house mixed with great weather was perfect.

The story follows next in line village chief, Asitaka, of a secret tribe who encounters a possessed boar which wounds him and seals his fate. He is exiled from the village in order to find a cure for his cursed arm which swells every time he is near danger or the person who turned the boar evil. Him and his elk Yakul travel to the forest of the Deer in hope of a cure and encounter Princess Mononoke and the wolves who seek revenge against Lady Oishi of the Metal works.

The story emphasizes the morals of looking after nature and not ruining it for your own selfish needs. Also to respect animals and what they bring to the environment and society.

There are still more screenings with tickets available so check out the Somerset house website for their schedule.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reztron: secret boat party

REZtron have always been my favourites in way of events they rep the under appreciated Sega consoles of which I am a loyal fan of.

Past events have included silent disco at Clapham, free food at Hoxton alongside our favourite retro game classics playable.

There newest concept brought all the different aspects together on a beautiful yacht. Not just say yacht but the one docked at the Excel center.

You came to the fifth floor past the glamorous chandeliers and smartly dressed staff to another world. Upon entering you pick up your headsets with two stations: 90's cheese and game tunes. Now your kitted out it is time to game!

REZtron had several consoles set up including: Sega megadrive, dreamcast, Saturn and CD. If that didnt take your fancy why not enjoy the ambience on thr balcony whilst looking over the London view.

People weren't afraid to dance and game competitively. The sonic speed run held great banter between casual and hardcore gamers. Everything was tied up with a Hawaiian bow.

Great new concept from REZtron, for more events follow them on fb and their website.

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Nineworlds: Gaming beyond the West - live blogging

It was refreshing to see perspectives into characterisation in gaming in regards to diversity.

The majority of games protagonists follow the majority be it caucasian or Japanese looking characters.

We only have the power to bring diversity in our own customisable avatars in mmo games and some free roam rpgs. As it has bern argued that in for example a female protagonist in Assassin's Creed unity was too hatd to animate yet using one in a previous gane in the series, it is hard to understand the challenges or prejudices.

As technolgy has developed and we have photo close graphics - minotitirs are bring noticed as not being accurate or used at all. This would not have bern a problem in gamrs like ping pong or tetris.

Mobile games are easier to market snd highly profitable as they use fruit, animals instead of humans as candy crush or bejewelled do mot offemd people and therefore easy to localise.

Games also reflect popular culture and different mediums such as movies, books etc so as pop culture chamges, games hopefully chanfe alongside it aswell.

It is always interesting to look into historical accuracy in games which Taren Matharu (author of Summoner - the novice) went into detail such as world war 2 games with the high statistics of black amd south Asian soldiers where none are shown. Not even a mention or reference to a name, it is alk predominantly American with a few British. Proportions are not correct but is it fair?

The game Sunset by Telltale games follows a black house keeper of a dictator in 1970. Commercially it didnt make a lot of money but with their own miney from previous successful titles they made the game with their own free reign. Crowdfounder and kickstarter campaigns help gauge interest and support independent game studios yo make unique games.

Never Alone proves cultured games with diversity have appeal to the worldwide audience. It has stiries based in the north pole from eskimos and give us an insight which was the aim to be educational and proves to demonstrate so.

Some of the recommendations from the panelists of a good representation of diversity in games are:

The Walking Dead
The last of us
Assassin's creed
Yukuza 3

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Nineworlds Geekfest: Monsterclass Publishing - live blogging

One of the most appealing things on the Nineworlds Geekfest schedule for Friday were the array of panels dedicated to publishing. Be it your unbiased novella, shortstop or comic script you could pick the brains of writers, agents and publishers.

I took the chance to listen to John Woodworth and Julie Crisp.

  • Less money/sales in shortstories and anthologies 
  • Is your book following the latest trend?
  • Do you have a niche?
  • Approach the relevant publisher that specialises in your genre.
  • Traditional publishing is more popular due to gaining a higher percentage for the writer.
  • Self published/amazon is great but check the fine print.
  • Don't be pretentious market your book as potential for a series.
  • Agents want a brand not just a one hit wonder, stick to a genre!
  • Get a beta reader (who isn't your mum for honest feedback.
  • Editor is helpful but not essential
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hyper Japan Festival 2015 Review

Assassination Classroom Cosplay - Koro Sama
 Hyper Japan 2015 summer edition launched at the new venue of 02 arena which normally hosts concerts and a great place to enjoy restaurants, pubs and cinema. Since the closing of Earl's Court - hyper Japan decided to try a completely different venue to host their cultural event.

The first rule of thumb, get all the organisation sorted, they unfortunately did not have the press/vip/guest desk ready on time so press wondered in on time and were refused access and told to walk all the way back from the far end of the corridor back tot he front to collect passes from a tiny and hidden make shift table that appeared after 10.30am on the Friday of the event. Furthermore there ran out of the performer passees which I needed to enter to be in the Fashion Show - the worst part was the staff shrugged and didn't help me in the slightest till I then firmly approved the press representative who radioed some one at the meet and greet desk. This wild goose chase ended me with going to the organizers office where no one understood what a performer pass was and I then (at least in the venue now) went tot he fashion show pass-less.

Nervously I walked around till the show meet up time where I approached the Fashion show organiser who had a spare performer pass. I do not understand why they had not had the right number and that the language barrier was so great for British event. Also the security provided by the 02 were rude and almost aggressive towards attendees and there costumes obstructing passes. No one was aware of the queuing system for the building 6 or Nintendo Land.

Apart from that the event was entertaining - they brought over fantastic music guests who were huideen away in building 6 for music performances which were hard to get between stages as of the distance between everything...the event was made for trainers and determination.

Performers included: Yoshiki, Toshi from X Japan, Vamps, Eir Aoi,, Dir Milch, [Alexandros], One Not*e, Heisei Kotohime, Katanaya-Ichi, Rio Hiiragi, TOMOCA, Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari Mochizuki, Honey Spice, Lost Ash and more.

Photo courtesy of Critchell Photography - more photos on his page of the Japan night concert.

Also as part of buying X Japan concert tickets you were entitled to a complimentary 'Greet & meet' with Yoshiki and Toshi. After a 20 minute wait you got to hi five them on camera. this is a customary procedure in Japan for fans to have hand shakes, hi fives and give them gifts swiftly. Many fans were crying tears of joy after touching their idols who promoted their upcoming gig.

The fashion show was one of my favourites as it drew in total 50 models on Saturday and half as many on Sunday and we had a large and supportive crowd of attendees, cospayers and fashionistas to watch. Mcing on stage was Leader Loi who introduced each model alias and style with banter with Hello Kitty. On Saturday we were accompanyied by Die Milch who chose their favourite model on stage and audience members co-ord. Whilst on Sunday keytarist  group Kotohime Heisei  did so on the sunday followed by a performance of the Mario theme tune !

Kotohime Heisei on stage at Fashion show on Sunday
Nintendo Land as I call it, was huge, probably the biggest Nintendo stand I've seen to date. This was all in promotion of Mario's 50th Birthday, where he himself posed fro photos alongside Pikachu. Games available to play were Smash, Mario Maker, Monster Hunter, Dragon Ball Zenoverse, Yuu could also pose for photos holding digital characters from Animal Crossing New Leaf. There was also an epic Attack on Titan blow up titan head to take photos with next to the cosplay desk where my good cosplay buddy was taking photos with fans - Vcosplay as Totoro. More cosplay guests were in attendance such as Chiquitita Cosplay, Hekady and Tasha Cosplay Mackenzie.

The Fringe market was fantastic showing the best of Japan with a western twist - where talented and budding crafter came selling their wares and promoting their brand and love for Japanese items. You also had a mixture of artists selling there art and comics including a famous Doujin artists from Japan - naturally his hug pillows were soldout on the friday.

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