Monday, 22 November 2010


You know the world is slowly dissolving into a pit of regression and inadequateness when an English Literature graduate can only get a job as a evening nurse at a vet.

Rather than shoveling research, one must shovel shit.

Not even a trip to "Gamestation" can revive my hope, men should drool on sight of any female buying a shooting game; this includes House of the Dead - this is one mother-fucking hard game.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Party time Work

Since for the date stamp you all (or myself re-reading) can see I haven't updated in a while - I can't help it stress consumes me and I lose the ability to write coherently!

Basically since mid September I started evening shifts at my local vet, random huh?

It's rare to get a part time job which is so bitesize, literally 3 hours every day minus weekends. Pay ain't great but what can I say I need all the money I can get...

Actually my HTC school friend Caz recommended me, they needed someone quickly and reliable - I already had an advantage coz I lived down the road. After the interview I was scheduled to do training the following week then me and Caz went on holiday to Plymouth - her and Sam had split - bottom line was he had issues but moreover he was a twat - cheating is not cool nor in pretending to be suicidal - that's just blasphemous ! He's sooo going to hell for that one.

So I took Spam's (did you see what I did there with the word play :p) place, joined Caz's Northampton buddies (Chris & Kirsty) for a wildlife adventure; otter/Butterfly sanctuary, Monkey Sanctuary, Sheep world & my fav Buckfast Abbey - no animals there just fun loving monks getting the public drunk and troubling making!

So back to the vet - i'm the skivvy for the moment but one of the more arrogant nurses there let me do the cashing up today which I feel I did well - apparently everyone says the cashing up has been stop on for the last few weeks (go me, go me, go me) but I should be focusing on cleaning - it ain't going to be cleaning that hold me back in the future - not knowing the medication or vaccinations dates/prices will be...I was almost abandoned on Monday to close up by myself - i don't even have keys so it was a bit daunting...I think the pressure of more than 3 customers turning up at once to pay then the phone ringing at the same time is what puts me in a state of panic, I just need to take a deep breathe and deal with the clients first, phone second.

After today's shift Caz, Sherry & Lucy were doing there first ever Puppy Party, I decided I neither knew much or cared (sorry I'm a cat person) so I went to have dinner with Jacky - she owed me dinner for two references for the HarrisHospise charity.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Interview at a Veterinary Surgery?!

My my, how the plot has thickened since my last blog.

After much head bashing with my 'ex' boss, he has finally accepted my resignation, lol and this was only because I refused to work (on my own) in his flat (ewwwwwww) on his just about working PC's. It didn't help that when he went to meetings I would locked in, if it isn't already unnerving to work at your bosses flat but to be locked in? He then added to that argument:

Boss: 'Oh my mum's going to move back in with me so you'll be able to leave for lunch breaks when I'm not around.'

Yep that makes me feel better, deal with two crazies...and I totally have the ratification to call him that after the last run in we had where he insulted me in front of the marketing/IT guy (his uni friend too) and well let's just say if Jnr wasn't there I may be worse for ware physically rather than mentally.

I was then working for the website from home...luckily my PC died and I told him unless he buys me a new PC I can't work for him any-more and I can't magic a new one from his lack of wages.

No sooner had I 'officially' left Caz contacted me, she worked at a vet near me and they were understaffed due to the night receptionist retiring and the manager not taking her resignation seriously (as you do ;) and well I went to a really informal interview today.

I walked in all suited and booted, the woman hadn't even read my CV, couldn't figure out how to print it, 30mins later she had to go and offered me the job and told me:

Manager: 'You need to do what you need to do to help, whether it's dealing with customers, holding animals, cleaning! See you Mon for training!'
Me: 'Erm...ok!'

SO Magazine co ordinator/PA to Vet nurse, this is swerve in my career least it'll support me till I find something relevant to my life!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Eastenders 2010

'Eastenders' (British soap loved by Brits & even Steven Spielburg) do love bending the fabric of reality a lot these days.

My favourite has to be Syed (son of Massod - Asian family) has homosexual feelings for Christian and well short of losing his family but screwing up his marriage, he is punished by being sent to a psychiatrist to de-gay him.

The wheelchair boy is a passive aggressive douche basically blackmailing Lucy for sexual favors in return for homework and test papers - I'm sure disabled ppl can be horrible but this is a bit OTT...

Well'ard the dog being shown to overdose on Belgium chocolate and die - I personally have been scarred for life.

Heather and Darren do the dirty and have a child - seriously if you google them you will understand the ridiculousness, Heather is in her 40's and Darren is what 16?

Then the latest is Preacher Lucas murders sinners in the name of God. Denise is killed but then comes to life - this was just sill, her body was found and identified and yet she was alive locked up in the basement next door.

Come on writers give us some Lost style suspense...

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Work is dragging me down as usual

Finally spoke to boss after mother's coconut antics (stabbed her hand in attempt to peel a coconut) and he of course talked about my continuing attitude problem, ego trip etc.

I explained the coconut thing and said I'd be working from home for a while, I mean a long while not a week or two. He was not amused and said I should get social care to send someone to clean the house or do shopping so I can 'focus' on my career - erm more like he can get me to do more slave labour for him! How dare he, family is my number one priority, for goodness sake he doesn't even pay me !!!!!

He wants me do use me time carefully at home and make sure the website is ticking over etc. let me tell you despite the accident I have fulfilled my obligations to the website, emailed him over a report and he always fails to check - doesn't mean the work hasn't be done. He wants me to communicate more - why so he can make my BLOOD BOIL?

Mildred an ex editor who worked aside me said he told her he likes to make other ppl unhappy and can't stand to see ppl happy or in a relationship. It's these mind games that probably got me trapped here.

I flipped and told him I quit and told him his reference meant nothing to me.

Again he kinda blackmailed me into staying saying he'd tell Bola (gov project leader) I was sabotaging his website. Is he insane? I don't know.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stand up to hate - mentioned Swastika projection on House of parliament

Everyone please read this blog post - even anti-BNP/anti fascist groups are applauding any actions to highlight the issues that the BNP are intending to bring Britian if they gain power...

Stand up to Hate

Friday, 30 April 2010

Our company's being plugged - even on blogger!


We have been staying under the radar for a while but since Feb we've been working like mad on a last minute election campaign - i say last minute as it takes months to organise these things and we had till about May 5th (The General election being on 6th May).

So we've come al long way but the anti-fascist campaign is ready! creative art by Saatchi&Saatchi - idea by EMMA Trust - Keep the far right - right out - vote responsibly people - the BNP are as British as Hitler !

Check out our eye catching art/viral ads on our youTube channel.
Join our facebook group - all the cool kids are ;)

Let's all try and live in a multi-cultural society without resorting to bribery!