Monday, 21 December 2015

We are Perfume: 3rd Document Movie

It was great to have the opportunity to see rare Japanese films on the big screen let alone a documentary about a music band. We are Perfume: 3rd Document Movie was shown at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green sold out completely of merchandise including 30 t-shirts, 30 stickers and 30 folders showing the documentary title photograph. 

The showing itself big enough to screen 100 filled a whooping 89 seats at 12 noon on a Saturday, this was a great success for the NHK to show in the UK and should be an incentive to show more niche Japanese movies in London.

Amongst Japanese enthusiasts the UK Perfume PTA were in attendance with all there purchased merch and there own fan made items including laser printer models of the three ladies in a fans hat. It was also nice to see genuine Japanese fan towels on show too.

 The Film itself used footage from Perfume's debut audition tape to the most recent tour in 2014 mixed with new interviews. We got to hear from the girls themselves how they met and the introduction of Nochhi to the group and how they felt she was the relaxed member who brought fun to the overall serious thinking troup.

One of my favourite moments was footage from the London tour last year which I attended, Nochhi in fact forgot some of her steps and had a moment looking around on stage lost - this was not something a lot of people would notice and she talks about it opening and then we see the comical clip. It's these moments that show they are human as well as famous pop idols, at last we see the idols who strut around in heels put their legs in ice to calm the leg swelling!

It was also a great insight into the bands rituals, how the three say a mantra before each show and pat each o n the back for reassurance. It is also great team work and they show appreciation to all staff alongside them put the shows together. When the LED lights malfunction on the USA tour the poor manager takes the blame upon herself when Perfume reassure her they did a great performance despite which was a test to their ability and the fans enjoyed the show.

Speaking of fans watching the rare meet and greets was invigorating a select few in USA got to meet the band intimately including having chats and lots of photos. Any suggestions on favourite songs where taken very seriously and A-chan would re evaluate each set list before the next show.

I have also been educated in Merlions thanks to this documentary, if I ever go Singapore I am checking it out. The ladies discover different tourist attractions in each destination they go to and even get recognized in the street. You followed the trio with their highs and lows and feel close to the aspiring singers who still have yet to hit the big time in their own (modest) eyes. Their next big aim to perform in Times Square in 2017 - let's see if this will happen.

A great documentary using backstage filming with high quality interviews with each individual member put into a chronological order following the whole 3rd Perfume tour in 2014. Definitely worth buying on DVD when it's out.

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Snowy Lane Luxury Mince Pies (from Lidl)

After all the hype over these specific brand of mince pies in 2014, I was able to procure two boxes in early December. Quoted by Which? as the best brand of Mince pies to buy. Snowy Lane Luxury Mince Pies (from Lidl) will you out do the others?


They have changed the packaging since last year, now in a posh looking box with see through window. The holly leaf has now become a star. It has the standard mince pie look with a star pattern on top. Lots of sugar was on top to create the snowy look.

The First Bite

The Mince itself was mild, but the overwhelming taste of orange engulfed my tongue. The smell lept at your nostrils once crunching into it. and from each pie varied in quantity, once pie had lots and one was half empty.


6 for £1.15


Standard size, overwhelming taste, I tried two batches and this is the new recipe. Unless your a citrus fanatic i think this pies are not so great. Not that sweet, even drowning it in cream didnt mute the orange taste.

1/5 So much promise so much Dissapoint!

More Mince pie reviews to follow during December but if your not a fan check out my blog for all the latest event news, anime, game reviews, cosplay and Japanese culture.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Capcom uk 's Christmas event

The Capcom UK headquarters is famous for hosting regular events at the offices in the centre of London. Which was scheduled to be a monster hunter events was last minute changed to Street Fighter V. This did not deter any gamers, it was a full house of 100 people who had to be on the guest list.

People were allowed to wait in the reception till festivities commenced upstairs in the Capcom den. It was a great set up of three big screens set up with Street Fighter 5 (with light up Ryu busts) and even Mega Man. The best part is there are plugs everywhere to charge your 3DS and mobile phones. Since I was periscoping the event this certainly came in handy. Follow me on Twitter to watch my videos on periscope @aisha_anime

After about an hour of casual gaming we had an annoy meant of free t shirts I had never seen people dive so fast into a cardboard box. This was a first for me to receive a freebie. This was followed by another announcement 30 minutes later, this time the stampede to the foyer ensued. Where freebies we're littered on the desk and floor which include games: Resident Evil 6, Left for Dead 6, Project x Zone, StreetFfighter x Tekken and Capcom classics. Other freebies were Resident Evil 6 watches, t shirts, key rings, SF figures and Monster Hunter blind boxes.

This was very invigorating and only the most hardcore stayed and continued their street fighter 5 matches. It was great to see people so happy and mingling in order to trade freebies. But that wasn't all, 25 minutes later Jake the community manager walks in once more to announce they had a batch of over 18 freebies that got forgotten so all the fittest (with id) ran for the third round of glories freebies. 

Capcom uk went all out to lease the fans and everyone either left making new friends, street passing or with some swag. Merry Christmas to all the hunters from Capcom - and thank you from the fans it was worth the trek to Hammersmith.

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

We are Perfume documentary at Rich Mix

Celebrating the band Perfume's 15th anniversary of group’s formation and 10th anniversary since making their major debut, they have released a new documentary.

The documentary "We are Perfume" portrays the group's present and links to their past and future.

Their popularity has sky rocketed in their later years with their recent album, LEVEL3, released in 2014 was distributed in 251 countries/regions and made it to number 1 on iTunes Electric Music Album category chart in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand, and also went to top 10 of the chart in 19 countries including the US and Canada.

Perfume achieves universal popularity due to their new wave techno-pop songs (different from most girl bands in the charts), sophisticated dances and live performances using the latest technologies

The documentary film follows their activities over a two months period while touring overseas. You will see footage from Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd and SXSW 2015 during their 10th major debut and 15th formation anniversary year, 2014-2015. With over 500 hours of footage filmed across Asia, Europe and the US this film portrayed their music, live performances and behind-the-scenes which has never been shown before.

Witnessing the current Perfume as they are, you will understand their achievements since the group’s formation and their desire for the future.

We are perfume will be screened in the UK for one day only on 12th December at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green at 12.45.

In addition to this special one-day screening of documentary, Perfume’s official merchandise will be available to buy including: T-shirts, stickers and plastic folders.

The merchandise booth will be open from 12pm.

Buy tickets here.

Directed by Taketoshi Sado

Songs by Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule)

Main Theme: Perfume, Star Train (Universal Music)

Film Partners: Amuse, Nikkatsu, Universal Muisc, Live Viewing Japan, NHK Enterprises

Planning & Released by Amuse, Nikkatsu

Production: NHK Enterprises

Distributed and Promoted by NIKKATSU (Japan), LIVE VIEWING JAPAN (Worldwide)

© 2015 "WE ARE Perfume" Film Partners.

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Interview with Himezawa

Aspiring cosplayer, Himezawa, came from Germany to the UK at first as a guest at London Anime and Gaming Convention. Since that appearance she decided to study in the UK. Since we last saw Himezawa in the UK she had just signed a contract with Asobi a Japanese modelling company who arranged the Hyper Japan fashion show in 2013.

Since you went to Japan, what have you got up to?

- I had a lot of photoshootings for Japanese street snap sites, designers and make-up lines. I went to various fashion shows and events like Harajuku Kawaii Week, Osaka Kawaii and MoshiMoshiNippon Festival. I also appeared on national television a few times, was in catalogues and released a single. It's been really busy!

What has been your favourite moment in Japan?

- Though I absolutely love my work and I have a lot of great memories on each of them, to me traditional Japan is more enjoyable than pop culture sometimes. I went on a short trip to Kyoto and Nara a few months back and I really enjoyed the quiet side to it. I live in Tokyo, so it's always noisy and always busy, so I love to take job offers from outside the city. A week ago I had the chance to model for a Kimono company in Osaka, and the places we shot in were absolutely breathtaking!

Favourite project you worked on?

- That's without a doubt my debut single!

I never thought I would end up doing music one day, and I mainly wanted to try it, because I love j-pop music a lot. I love singing and I really enjoy dancing, but covering other peoples songs never gave me the chance to express myself fully. I got to write a lot of the lyrics myself, and most of the project was based on my ideas and my script, so it's "the most me" I got to create since I moved to Japan.

You also are a self published author, can you tell us about your book?

- I am not self-published, I have contract with a publisher in Germany.

My first novel "Staubmädchen" (English: "Dust Maiden") released February 2015. It's a mix of SciFi and Fantasy, and the story follows Mister Penber, an agent for the Ministry of Occult Criminal Cases, who meets a young Exorcist while investigating a murder case. Exorcists have been known as nothing but a myth and though he doesn't quite believe her story, Penber follows her to London, that earned its new name "Cursed City" after a terrorist attack a few weeks prior. In the catacombs of Londons former underground he is introduced to other exorcists of the Grey Order, a group of exorcists remaining after the "London Doomsday", the day of the apparent attack. Much later on Penber finds out that it was in fact fate that lead him to the Order and that he plays in fact a bigger role in this scenario than he anticipated.

"Dust Maiden" will have an English release in 2016 (via Best Off Verlag),

Recently you released a single, what inspired your song?

- It's a song about growing. It's about growing up, finding yourself and overcoming hardships that life throws at you. In Japan especially suicide rates are high and the number of shut-ins (Hikkikomori) is extremely high. Many young people have the feeling that they can't live up to to the expectations society has for them, so they chose "a way out". My song "Wagamama Love" (English:Selfish love) is the story of telling your last goodbye, telling your friends and family to forget about you, and letting go.

Now, I want my song to support people who feel alone with my song. To distract them and show them a way out of the negative thinking they are caught in. My song ends with the words "You are not alone.".
You are currently raising money for charity, why have you chosen this charity and what are you hoping to achieve.(write link as well)

Last year I lost someone very close to me to cancer and it was hard for me to accept that I couldn't help that person, no matter how much I wanted to. We grew up together and it made me realize that cancer can hit anyone, no matter how healthy and no matter where from.

I started fundraising because I can't open my PO box to public this year, as I usually do for my birthday / around Christmas anyway. So instead of sending me cards or small gifts, I want to encourage people to donate to the charity.

Last year my followers gave me the chance to go to Japan and follow my dreams, by donating more than 1,000 pounds to my kickstarter campaign, but this year I want to raise money for charity instead. I felt like it was time for me to give something back.

It's great to see that ones dreams can become a reality with hard work, determination and a little lucky. I can't wait to here how Himezawa is doing next year.

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015: Interview with Airly Momok/ Edo Anime

It was fantastic walking around Hyper Japan meeting so many like minded people. Amongst the VIP guests I helped out at a friends stall Japan Underground and a beautiful lady in a Cinderella dress approached me and handed me a leaflet. This was Airly Momoko a Japanese-French idol who came to Hyper Japan to help promote the Edo Anime stall.

For more information on the Edo Anime 1803 project please check out their website.

Watch our interview below:

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