Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WOTA London Returns

Wota London returns after a change of management and does not fail to impress! With returning acts dazzling us with their routines such as the Maid's of England, DotDot3, Butler Kohei.

Also a great range of anime/jpop/kpop music to relax to, dance along with or mingle with other like minded cosplayers.

I came on behalf of as I have reviewed the MOE's recent pop up maid cafe in Camden and was impressed with the high standard of service/entertainment.

See my full report and more photos on animepicks.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A homemage to website Animepicks :)

Me as Anna-May (Mascot from
You guys may have picked up that I now regularly contribute articles to the website before it was exclusively for cosplay and fashion features but I have gradually branched out to other sections such as games, figures and most importantly events this is due to my intrest in J-culture and love the website - many thanks to Gina the website creator for giving me a chance to contribute. Happy 2nd birthday Animepicks - check out my photoshoot dressed up as animepicks mascot - Anna May :)

My full adventures and more photos are here:

and it wouldn't have happened without the help of my mates:

Costume made by Esti-Licious (siting right in the photo)-
Photography by Anty Quinn (sitting left in photo)
Camera lent by Josiahsal -

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mayamada Cosplay Dodgeball Update!

Now in collaboration with Animepicks :D I can't believe it was November last year I went to one of their free anime screenings and chatted to the organisers randomly now we're doing events together, makes me pleased to know my PR skills are getting better and working with a great brand as a result of it :) 
Prizes include £100, lots of event tickets and video &photos to go up on Animepicks.

Please go reserve your ticket now before November:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

VA lates Lolita tribute (kitty & bullydog exhibit)

Lolita group in front of the V&A museum
Following up the V&A exclusive Lolita exhibit, they hosted a late night event dedicated to Lolitas and even the staff were wearing Lolita outfits by Angelic Pretty! Filled with all sort of workshops here is the programme:
WORKSHOPS to watch and participate
  • 5-stop Lolita Photo-op trail
  • Wig Bar
  • Nail Bar
  • Shu Uemura eyes and lips bar
  • Jewellery Making with Meow Box (need tickets)
  • Kawaii Illustration workshop with Sonia Leong
  • Purikamera photo booth by London Photo Sticker Club
  • Philomena Keet
  • Kitty and the Bulldog Curator Rupert Faulkner on the exhibit
  • Q&A session with Philomena Keet, Pat Lyttle, Harriet Hall, Masami Yamada, Ada Mau and V&A Senior Curator Rupert Faulkner
Films showing in V&A
  • Kamikaze Girls (103 mins)
  • British Lolita Culture in Francesco Calvano’s film made for V&A: ‘Realities of Fantasy’
  • DJ set Roustabouts
  • DJ set Tom Smith
  • How to Dress up in a Kimono with Mamechiyo Modern
  • Grand Alice Finale
For more of what I did and saw go to :)