Monday, 30 November 2015

Horror Manga Artist Shigeru Mizuki dies at 93

Shigeru Mizuki, famous for his manga GeGeGe no Kitarō originally titled Hakaba Kitarō, Kappa no Sanpei, and Akuma-kun. Originally from Sakaiminato in Tottori prefecture, his pen-name, Mizuki, comes from the time when he managed an inn called 'Mizuki Manor' while he drew pictures for kamishibai. A specialist in stories of yōkai (ghosts), he is considered a master of this genre. He is also known for his shocking World War II memoirs and his work as a biographer.

His wartime manga was particularly memorable as he based it on his own real life experiences - he contracted malaria, watched friends die from battle wounds and disease. He talks of his yokai characters (monsters and ghosts) used in his manga  are only seen only in times of peace. The supernatural creatures were made to have no specific ethnicity or nationality as a hint of the potential for humanity.

In 1957, Mizuki released his debut work, Rocketman. Since then, he has published numerous works, both on yōkai and military works. He has also written many books on both subjects, including an autobiography about his time on New Britain Island and a manga biography on Adolf Hitler.

In 2005, Shigeru Mizuki appeared in a cameo role in Yōkai Daisenso ("The Great Yokai War") directed by acclaimed Takashi Miike, a film about yōkai inspired by his work; several of his characters make cameo appearances. A brief explanation about his works also is mentioned in the film.

Sadly today November 30, 2015, Shigeru Mizuki died of heart failure in a Tokyo hospital after collapsing at his home from a heart attack. His works will be appreciated for the true to life depictions of war.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mince Pie Reviews 2015: Sainsbury Bakery

It's that time of the year and mince pies are rife, to be honest they've been knocking around from October but who can turn a good mince pie down BUT which is the pie to rule them all? Starting with Sainsbury's Bakery pies, I spied them today whilst locating sourdough bread. 


What lured me to this pie?
The star detail of course. Showing all the goods on offer, hehe. Well you can see some have over spilled over the thick shortcrust pastry. MMMM GLUTEN

The First Bite

I will say the pastry has been the best I've tried since 2014 and it was crunchy but didn't crumble into my mouth. It was perfect consistency, not dry or too sweet or chewy - just right. The Mince itself was mild, with t he odd rasien with a burst of sugary sweetness. 


Four for 80p or two boxes for £1.50 (8) With a saving of 10p


Small  portions means you will be eating two at a time. Tastes great with double cream. I would recommend NOT to heat up as it makes the filling chewy. Looks like a kid made it but great for people not into sickly sweet desserts. 

3/5 The modest pie

Moore Mince pie reviews to follow during December but if your not a fan check out my blog for all the latest event news, anime, game reviews, cosplay and Japanese culture.

Review: Disgaea 4

Disgaea returns with a new bunch of demons on a quest to save the reputation of the lowly Prinnies...? Dood what? So we enter another parallel Neverworld this time inhabiting Valvatorez the great. Or so we're told. Loyal fans to the series will see this as the 4th available on PS3 and PS Vita. We are greeted with a new set of classes, options and cast of demons.

The story gripped me at once, a hero who respects Prinnies? What's going on here, is he soft in the head. Apparently Valvatorez or Lord Val as most call him is banished to be a Pruinny Instructor. A totaly underdog of the demon world but with a past of once greatness. This greatness has been long forgotten since he stopped drinking blood due to a promise. A promise made to a human which in fact drained him of most of his powers. He is now stuck in a shrimpy body and obsessed with sardines which he feasts on instead of blood.

Alongside the law abiding Lord Val we have his loyal servent Fenrich who is pretty mean and bad ass, did I mention he was a werewolf too? Twilight resonances are appearing to me but nope there is no glitter just relentless trolling and beats. Whilst the Prinnies are slandered to be the cause of the receding death rates to Celestia and the Netherworld, the pair go on a journey and come across a great rag tag bunch. One of my least favorite recurring characters holds a lead role in this game, Emiziel. The president of the Netherworld's son, a right 'rascal' and pain in the butt. After much leveling you realise he has the second best magic in the game. The best magic is owned by Desco a big boss who gets whooped by the team and strives to over throw the couruptment to become the ultimate big boss. Also tentacles.

The game cleverly adds hints into the conversations on how to improve your characters like 'chara world' this was an interesting touch but I very quickly lost interest. For you see instead of the 'item world' concept where you clear out all the enemies, in char world you are surrounded by geo cubes that you must destroy to obtain the level ups and character bonuses. This takes a VERY LONG time to do. I found it was really worth while to do for the mages to unlock great spells and evilities. Otherwise it's a very tedious procedure for every character.

Within the stats demon, you can see what you have achieved ie. what percentage of rare items you collected, enemies killed, levels reincarnated (for Lord Val) which is handy for unlocking all the ending and through that you do get the indication of a hidden ending. *Squuueee* sorry ignore my inner fan girl. You can also re watch scenes and art from the game which is for the hardcore fans.

They also bring up the option of opening the 'Cave of Ordeals' early in the game for you to hideously fail at but aspire to play maybe in your third or fourth gameplay (no really it's pretty hard).

Basically you need to play this game becuase of tentacles. Nah just kidding, as much as I love the odd mix of characters, there is so much more to offer from the game. A great addition of extra levels so you can do endless grinding in different settings. Also there are a lot of cameos from a favourite past characters from the series including everyone's favourite fallen angel Flonne. If you like the Prinnies, you get a lot of interaction and conversations and well what can I say the characters like to ship each other which makes all otaku's happy. Fenich and Lord Val FTW. A JRPG fan's must play game.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Models/Designers/Photographers/MUA's wanted for Harajuku Fashion show 2016

Photos from the last LAGC on

Hello all my creative friends ^_^

Once again we will be hosting a Fashion show celebrating Japanese fashion this coming February 2016. On Sat 6th Feb - because it is called the 'Harajuku Fashion Show' we are showcasing great creativity from fashionistas or fashion enthusiasts to put their twists on stage.

What we are looking for:

*Models - styling together there own Japanese Style including: Lolita/punk/gothic/visual kei/fairy kei/roccoco/creepy cute/hime/rave/sweet/classic/kimino/mori/prince/decora/gyaru/yomamba.

*Designers - to showcase their Japanese style or fusion rage of clothing/accessories.

*Makeup Artists/hairstylists - not afraid to try bold looks or soft and natural for mori styles

What you get out of this:

All Models, hair stylists, makeup artists, Designers, will receive a free entry ticket to the event on Saturday 6th Feb 2016. Since this is an event you will be able to walk around freely and watch other stage events, look at the merchandise, access the bar, watch movies, play games - including the after party.

Models: You will get at least two digital professional photos of you in your outfit for your portfolio and many cat walk photos and from backstage.
Hair stylists/Makeup artists: you get to practice your skills and also obtain photos for your portfolio
Designers: Showcase your pieces on a catwalk

If you are interested, please message me with the information listed below ^_^
Application Form:

Modelling name:
Description of proposed outfits(s):
Photo of outfit or something similar.

Please message me on:
the anime league forum - @Aisha
email -
twitter: @aisha_anime

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Review: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

It was a truely 'wow' moment when Manga Entertainment announced that on September the 30th they were screening Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F around the UK.

This is one of the first anime titles to be shown on cinema in the UK which is not Studio Ghibli related.

Being one of the most iconic anime's spanning over 325 chapters in manga form. One of the few anime's to be dubbed into several territories over the world and then into  games and animated movies.

I was fortunate to get tickets for the showing at Bluewater , whereas other Londoners went to the Prince Charles Cinema. Here I saw lots of enthusiasts talking of the series before and after the screening. You also got a free keyring after, sadly I didn't get Goku or Gohan but Freezer himself.

The Film is set after the Freezer sage, Cell Saga and Maijin Boo saga. In fact the beginning eludes you into thinking you were watching another film with happy animals dancing around din flowers where something is tied up in a tree. This is Freezer in his personal hell.

With a great opening scene such as this, the crowd laughed and onto the main story where Freezer's minions seek the Deragon Balls in order to summon Shenron to bring Freezer to life like the title indicates - Resurrection F.

We see all our favourite warriors older, including a Krillen with a head full of hair, Gohan donning a suit rathe than a Ghii and of course Goku and Vegeta still training. This time we see a lot more of Beerus and Whis since Goku and Vegeta literally turn up unannounced to train and well with a little help of edible bribery.

Beerus and Whis feel like villains more than comrades but that adds to their charm and gluttony for Earth food. The animation on the food was divine - i think I wanted the banana split more than they did. With poignant uses of CGI at places the anime really looked crisp on the big screen.

Also the audio was dubbed and it was great to hear the likes of Sean Schemmel, Christopher R. Sabat, Monica Riel again. Also fans of XXXholic would have been pleased to hear Colleen Clinkenbeard and Todd Haberkorn and more much loved favourites who paved the way in anime for a high standard of voice acting.

Obviously hardcore fans of the manga would know the outcome of the movie but I was blown away by the jokes and chemistry between the characters I had not seen for a long time and to hear the audience laugh and gasp alongside the scenes was refreshing.

Also sad part was you didn't get to see Android 18 fuight nor any sign of Trunks or Gotenks. However you get to see a new Super Saiyan form  which is blue and Freezer got full on Gold. Also a rare tim e not seeing Yamcha dying but a lot of Master Roshi kicking butt and taking names. Some of the best one liners came out of Vegetas mouth, I love his hate for Goky, even when they are old and decrepit he will will never let Goku forget how stupid he is.

I dont have to tell you what happened in the movie, frankly I recommend you watch on cinema or buy on DVD. Hopefully Manag Entertainment bring out more titles to the big screen.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation coming to Steam

Not only is Neptune traveling across dimensions –now she’s traveling across platforms! After its PlayStationVita/PlayStation3 release in Summer, Hyperdimension Neptunia. Re;Birth3: V Generationwill get a Fall 2015 release on steam!

It’s time to Nep-Nep like it’s 1989. Neptune’s been sucked into an alternate dimension of Gamindustri! In order for her to escape from this late ‘80s world, Neptune will have to collect enough shares to open up the path to her own dimension. Sounds easy enough –except a nefarious alliance called the Seven Sages wants to rid Gamindustriof all CPUs, including Neptune!

Forging cross-dimensional friendships, will Neptune be able to defeat the Seven Sages, save this alternate dimension and get back to her own, or will she be stuck in the ‘80s forever?

Key Features

You Can Tell From the Pixels With a fantastic 1080p resolution, experience the two dimensions like you’ve never seen before! Every slash, stab, and stomp will look better than ever!

+1 to Combos! Customize attack combinations with up to five moves, opening up a whole new array of ways to defeat your enemies!New Story! Play through new story and scenarios when someone else joins the Console War fray and refuses to play by the rules!

Bring a Dungeon Buddy!Stella’s Dungeon is back, and this time she can bring friends! Each is equipped with special skills that lend their support to Stella in her items quest, so choose wisely!
Remake in your Image!Modify the world of Gamindustrito your liking by creating “Plans” that alter dungeon treasures, enemy difficulty, and more!

Get Crafty!Customize powerful equipment that can unlock the true power of the CPUs, opening up a world of new skills for them to use! Luxuriate in all the fourth-wall-breaking comedy you’ve come to expect, with a fine polish of 1080p graphics!

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Brighton comic con: live blog

I am on my way to Brighton with hope of meeting one of my favourite vampires in history - James Masters aka Spike. Check back here for live updates about the events. Photos will be added when I get home.

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One of the main attractions included the attendance of James Masters known for his role of Spike the bad boy vampire in Buffs the Vampire slayer as well as Torchwood and movies.

He shared tables with John Hurt who is famous for many roles including Aliens. Watership Down, Harry Potter the list foes on. Both had talks costing £10 and photo shoots snd costumed shoots.

If you are a horror fan Romero was in attendance again famed for his series of zombie movies Including day of the dead.

If you didn't come for the guests you came for cosplay with a large amount of entries including the ginger bread men, lego man, red shirts from star trek. gambit, judge dredd family and humanoid gundam.

Also most of the two floors of the Halton Metrapole was full of stalls selling comics, sci fi merchendise, anime figures, decoed shoes, plushies and tons of tshirts.

There was definitely something for everyone in the family to enjoy, barring the extreme heat, best to bring a fan and lots of water. Refreshments were being sold throughout the venue which was handy and toilets cleaned regularly - yaay!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Review: Disgaea 5

Since it first arrived in 2003, the Disgaea series has established itself as a challenging and rewarding tactical role-playing game series with almost infinite replay value in it’s extra dungeons and enemies, making it a rare gem to play. Since then, the series has grown with new iterations across the PS2 and PS3, and more recently, remakes of the games for portable devices like the DS (Disgaea 1), PSP (Disgaea 1 & 2) and PS Vita (Disgaea 3 & 4).

Personally I believe the handheld porting was an excellent route for the Disgaea series due to the never ending grinding, I love the grinding, but this can be tedious when you die in the item world and lose all your progress, so why not have a quick stint on your commute to work?

The first characters we meet are Seraphina, the Overlord of her home netherworld, Gorgeous, and the mysterious wandering demon Killia, whom she finds in her path devouring a rare ramen dish as she’s about to be attacked by the enemy army. If you've played Disgaea before, you probably know that food is an important factor in the game to heal HP/TP.

So apart from Sera's obvious fan service we do get a lot of comedy from her arch enemy the Reg Magnus who turns out to be a big brute with a heart of gold, she just doesn't like to wash his pants.

The full review  is on Parallax Play. But I wanted to add some more points whilst I continue to play this game.


I thought I'd mention the changes in interrogation - in Disgaea 4 you would gain prisoners by throwing enemies into your base panel then speak with the Beast woman at your base. So I didn't use this feature much. In Disgaea 5 you have demons surrendering automatically so I ended up using the feature quite a bit. This time you speak to the blonde professor lady in your base and she gives you a list of prisoners with their gauges showing how much hostility they have against you. If they have none you can make them citizens straight away.

If they harbour a lot of 'Revenge' best to beat it out of them, though you have to figure out whether it's through beating, specials or starvation.

Fusion  is much more handy in the game where if you have an army of prinnies you can fuse to make a stronger character on the battle field similar to Reg Magus using his overkill to grow large.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Christmas edition Hyper Japan Lineup

So Christmas edition Hyper Japan is closely approaching, where you literally are set lose in Tobacco dock for all your kawaii shopping needs. Amongst the cute Japanese trinkets there will be a variety of entertainment on offer including great live music, cosplay and the fashion show.

To follow great performances at Hyper Japan they have asked the newest metal sensation Lady Baby to perform. My favourite aspect of Hyper Japan will be LadyBaby coming to the Uk to perform ! If you aren't aware of Lady Beard and his back up singers read up about them here.

Other things to enjoy would by Minori a shinori fashionista famed in the Lolita world, the fashion show showcasing all the fashions from Japan featuring British and Japanese models, the Sake experience where you pay a fee and try over 10 varieties (make sure you eat before!) and Ramen cooking by Ippudo in the first-ever Hyper Creative Studio, more acts will be announced closed to the event.

HYPER JAPAN originally started in 2010 in a modest venue in Brick Lane, and the Christmas Market will mark the 9th event in London. HYPER JAPAN festival 2015, the most recent festival held at the 02 Arena, finished successfully in July with tens of thousands of participants.

Read what I got up to last time at 2015 Summer Hyper Japan Festival.

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