Monday, 26 January 2015

Who are Short's on Tap ?

Shorts On Tap is a collective who showcase short films, from both up-and-coming and well­ established film­ makers, at venues all over London and Japan.

They provide a great opportunity for people to discover the best material from the contemporary independent short­film scene, a place for exchanging ideas and networking or simply a treat for a great night out.

Featuring great talent and sometimes special guests from the film industry including directors and actors. Shorts On Tap is striving to promote short film­making from a whole  range of genres and styles and in the most inclusive way: from narrative to experimental; documentaries to animation and also music videos. We always deliver a varied, eclectic, dynamic show.

Our themed events provide a platform that enables film­makers to actively introduce their ideas to the audience. They normally have a Q&A session after each screening, which everyone attending is welcome to join in.

At each screening a special Jury Panel is in charge of picking the 3 best films from the night: the directors of the films chosen are then invited to form the following event's panel and so on, in a sort of 'domino effect'. An external guest from the film industry will also contribute to the panel, such as a professional film critic, a director producer or distributor.

Feel free to submit your work - there's no deadline, no charge, no fuss

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