Friday, 23 October 2015

October mcm 2015: Friday

London mcm comic con one of the biggest events in the UK, opened their doors to the public today at 10am. With barriers today controlling people coming in snd out the venue and also to stop unruly behaviour on the grass as has happened in the past.

Upon getting your wristbands you enter the world of advertising including Steve Jobs movie, Jet, The Robot and many more.

This Halloween we have the following companies showcasing their games: Rice Digital, Bandai Namco entertainment, NISA, Koei and riding star games.

Cex returned with their famous tentacle chair aswell as a new edition of fluffy feet encrusted chair with the same competition incentive.

Due to high demand the Yogcast had their own section within the Escorts area (Hall opposite main mcm Hall). Where you could queue up, buy merchendise, get it signed then receive a free fall out mask you could post on twitter to be entered into a competition.

You also had a stall called Monkey Merchandise selling fall out items, an Assassin's Creed stall amongst Insert Coin and turtle tees.

One of my favourite moments was seeing ultimate anime fans gushing over Todd Haberkorn, voice of Natsu from Fairy Tale, Watanuki from Xxxholic and more. This was his first London convention and he was greeting by people dressed as characters from anime he worked in and with related merchendise. It was plain to see the London majority praised him for Fairy Tale as they did with Colleen Clickenbeard who played Erza on the anime.

More photos from MCM here.

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