Monday, 1 June 2009


After seeing some caricatures and talking ti a friend about it, it's easy (well for me anyway) I've done them before and I love drawing, why aren't I doing them anymore?

Lazy, loss of interest, creativity sucked out of me...

I'm not sure, maybe I should make an effort to share with someone at the next London Expo and do that. Hmmm this sounds like a plan.

I need to keep my mind rolling, otherwise I'm just a media wannabe - oh crap i can't believe i just said that. Meh.

This spot on my left cheek is driving me mad, my boss keeps staring at it and bringing attention to it - even thought I cleverly tried to disguise it as a mole...d'oh!

One of my friends, the trainee vet is going Brighton for a few days (why, i'm not sure but who cares if i get a free lift). Me thinks i may go for the day on Sunday as I do still want a shexay tan and all the tanned people at ym office are driving me mad, did they literally squirt themselves with lighter flid and lie on a black bin bag and scream 'Burn baby burn'. It's not fair i want some vitamin E.

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