Tuesday, 5 May 2009

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I've decided today, that I really need to plan my life and that I am not going to do a 8 hours shift job- from 9-5pm slogging my guts out sell my soul to the devil so i can make commission on my minimum wage.

The sacrifice started last year beginning of June 08, I signed my life away to an internship, my first media based job. It was voluntary but it had taken me a year to finally nail one down. i had assumed after all my other lame placements this would be the hardest and I'd have to really kiss ass if I'd want to stick around and make it. Any fresh & dewy eyed graduates present? Please slap yourself senselessly to understand what I'm about to write next...everyone has a degree these days, so what in the hell makes you feel so spacial? Unless you have studied 6 years to be a doctor - let's face it when earth burns out and there are a selected number of places on the space ships to Mars -you guys are going to be on top of the VIP list. Unless you've studied 10 years to become an architect - we need some pimping cribs in outer space none of those mud huts.

Everything revolves around what you can do and what you've done to show you will do what's required of you. It's all about work experience. A degree only shows you are committed to something and adhered to the rules, that's about it.

So I've been working at this media company for almost a year, i can't say i expected it but a lot of things have happened in between and if it doesn't work out I have my back up plan. What can i say, no one knows what the future hold. I could get mowed down by a run away donkey cart.

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