Thursday, 29 July 2010

Work is dragging me down as usual

Finally spoke to boss after mother's coconut antics (stabbed her hand in attempt to peel a coconut) and he of course talked about my continuing attitude problem, ego trip etc.

I explained the coconut thing and said I'd be working from home for a while, I mean a long while not a week or two. He was not amused and said I should get social care to send someone to clean the house or do shopping so I can 'focus' on my career - erm more like he can get me to do more slave labour for him! How dare he, family is my number one priority, for goodness sake he doesn't even pay me !!!!!

He wants me do use me time carefully at home and make sure the website is ticking over etc. let me tell you despite the accident I have fulfilled my obligations to the website, emailed him over a report and he always fails to check - doesn't mean the work hasn't be done. He wants me to communicate more - why so he can make my BLOOD BOIL?

Mildred an ex editor who worked aside me said he told her he likes to make other ppl unhappy and can't stand to see ppl happy or in a relationship. It's these mind games that probably got me trapped here.

I flipped and told him I quit and told him his reference meant nothing to me.

Again he kinda blackmailed me into staying saying he'd tell Bola (gov project leader) I was sabotaging his website. Is he insane? I don't know.

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