Thursday, 13 December 2012

Allstars: All Access Event

Graffiti artist recreating the chars from Allstars game

Everyone who had liked their Facebook page at Eurogamer (to receive a month’s free PSN plus) would have received posts on their news feed of an exclusive ticket only event All access was holding off Oxford street in November.

cosplayer XD
You applied for tickets and only 200 people got a ticket plus one for a guest, this was in aid of their launch of the game Allstars: Battle Royale! The lovely people at Playstation All Access really outdid themselves for choosing a great venue kitted in gaming decor. A Bar with lots of space to game so consoles were all around with a booming DJ deck. Waiters offering posh snacks like feta cheese on sticks, mini burgers, Allstars branded cakes, even free alcohol & juice.

Whilst people were getting stuck into trying favourites like Call of Duty, we had previews of other new games like God of War, Injustice, Farcry 3, Tokyo Jungle etc. There were several tournaments including best posed photo in costume to win a PSP Vita and copy of Allstars Game, with clever choreography me and friend entered but my friend one and not me  - no fair as it one prize and it was my photo. Stingy

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