Sunday, 18 November 2012

Psy doll gig

PSY Doll art for sale
 You should never judge a book by it’s cover, looking at the flyer art for this event it looked cute and I walked into another world. It was in a compound hidden away. The interior was beautiful with steampunk and luchidor decorations. The venue, the resistance gallery, also hosted a wide variety of events and meets. On this particular occassion I was here to see the Japanese cyber punk band psy doll perform XD

audience dressed up
in the maid cafe
Wrestling, the art of Kimbaku (rope art)and music events too. There was a projector showing Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex above the stage with the beautiful dark art of PSY Doll, which added to the haunting atmosphere.

You also had a chill out area upstairs with a mini maid cafe with classic and alternative maids catering to your needs.

The types of performances varied from dance (ballet) to performing arts and some Kimbaku. I’ve never seen Kimbaku before and was interesting to watch, three top students of Kimbaku showed their skills and one was even female. They all told a story and it’s not as seedy as one would assume.

Lastly PSY Doll performed some great electro sounds with the beautiful and Visual Kei lead singer controlling the energy in the room. A truly entertaining night at a bargain price.

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