Monday, 21 October 2013

First Impressions: Diabolik Lovers

In Diabolik Lovers the heroine, Komori Yui, has always been an ordinary high school student who has been able to maintain a positive outlook on life. In her second year of high school, Yui's father, a priest, moves somewhere else due to work, or so we are told. Yui is forced by these events to move to a new town and a night school for the wealthy and famous. Furthermore, the house she must stay in is called 'the haunted house' by everyone else, and Yui is suddenly living with six brothers who aren't exactly human.

The first episode outs Yui at the doorstep of this lavish mansion, no one seems to know the details of her staying here but one of the six brothers who is very vague about it. However, in this episode we are given a lot more information about her father who isn't her biological father. More questions come to mind but before we can focus on any plot we are distracted by the devishly handsome brothers.

Unlike the majority of anti-harem anime, the guys are good looking and charming. These guys are certainly not nice in the least. Any compromise is due to them needing her to cooperate so they can feed on her.

From the first two episodes there is a lot of moe for guys and girls to enjoy. This is quite the violent anti-harem and there is a lot of dominance and submissive power struggle. As much as Yui wants to leave she is imprisoned there and is yet to know her true connection to the vampire dynasty. The animation is beautiful such attention and detail is put into each character, the hair is even two toned to look like it has been dyed.

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