Monday, 11 May 2015

Bloodbourne x Mortal Kombat X Sony Xperia Event

A lucky select few of press and public were invited to the launch night of Mortal Kombat X. With tweets from Ed Boon saying "Thank you everyone for making Mortal Kombat X the biggest launch in MK history. You made the game FAR exceed our wildest expectations....!!" this was the MK game to pick up. Find out the origins of Toasty here.

 The event sponsored by Games Radar and Sony Xperia was held in a luxury Millbank Tower past Westminster Bridge. They provided an assortment of food including mini beef burgers, mushroom burgers, chips and drinks to loosen up all the gamers.

Mortal Kombat X was hooked up to Sony Xperia remote play peripherals to show the capability to playing away from the television screens and possibly in the future in different locations. It was on arcade so no versus battles which was disappointing, People used the control menus to figure out combos and one one person went as far as using fatalities. 

On demo Sony had an array of of phones and accessories for the crowd to test, being a Xperia owner for over two years it was interesting to see how they had improved the versions over the years since my Z1. 

To start with they had exclusive Sony noise cancelling headphones where I was transported to my own quiet bubble and testing out a higher quality of sound, I had to take the headphones out to hear the rest of the demo. 

They also demonstrated the capability of the camera quality aswell as the light intensity. My plus one had an iPhone and we put both to the test. Taking  a photo of a hole showing a photo in pitch black, both came out but turning the light intensity you gained a high res version and non distorted photo on the Xperia. 

My favorite demonstration was seeing the classic dropping of the phone in  a fish bowl and taking photos under water. Also seeing you can use the phone with smear drops without a trouble. As with my original Xperia Z1.

They also introduced a smart watch to work alongside the phone to count steps, also GPS and make phone calls without carrying your phone. The ultimate exercising tool, where you can also do voice activated tasks including making lists, memos and all will be recorded to the app on your phone. Later you can analyse the data of how much you walk, or areas you walk through the most and calorie burned.

Games Radar also invited some guest speakers to provide a Q&A about working in the Games industry including:

Matt Pellett, Editor, Official PlayStation Magazine
David Houghton, Features Editor, GamesRadar
Keza Macdonald, Editor, Kotaku UK
James Jarvis, GTAVoclock
Leon Hurley, Executive Editor, News

Sony were holding a Bloodbourne time trial tournament to win a PS4 bundle, surprisingly a lot of gamers shyed away, public humiliation? Or the fact the game is pretty hard? Someone walked out victorious but all left merry! 

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