Monday, 27 July 2015

London Harajuku Fashion Walk 2015

26th July 2015 marked the London Harajuku Walk 2015 in Marble arch. Despite the wind and rain a large group of Japanese Fashion enthusiasts congregated under the Marble arch. This included a variety of youtubers, bloggers, photographers and videographers to see what was going on. After a 30 minute wait to grab all fashionistas we began the walk.

Since it was raining our entourage decided to hit up the museums of Kensington which included the V&A, Science museum, and the British Museum. Enroute we found a delightful pop up cafe with shin y outer casings where all the ladies and gents delighted in stopping for selfies and group photos.

Resuming to South Kensington, due to the queues we went into the Science museum for a spot of lunch and wonder.Due to the large group. We decided to head to China Town and because of an event all the roads were closed so we walked the roads and enjoyed the music down Oxford Circus, where no one batted an eyelid as everyone else were dressed as Bees. We also got stopped by Barefoot Wine who got a group photo with us and offered us some free bubbly.

Upon entering China Town we visited the delightful Purikura booth which sadly was shut due to maintenance on the machines :-( But we then decided to check out the stalls before heading for some well needed dinner at Misatos  - an enjoyable day despite the miserable weather. Looking forward to the next meet - met so many new faces !

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