Monday, 13 July 2015

Summer London Anime & Gaming Con 2015

Harajuku fashion show
We have hit the July the month for back to back conventions, it started off with London Anime & Gaming con. This one is held locally in London at the Metropolitan University and Rocket Complex. Due to popularity Anime League have used more parts of the building to accommodate more attendees and entertainment.

I actually ran and hosted the Harajuku Fashion show; with a new stage team, we dealt with the late start due to previous performers diva-ish attitudes causing issues and sound difficulties but the models hit the stage like pros. We had a selection of Gal, Gothic Lolita, Punk, Visual Kei, and Steampunk. The Steampunk section was in collaboration with The Toggery UK bringing an insight into steampunk fashion.

Special thanks to League of Extraordinary Cosplayers for this photo of me & Ani-mia
Most of the highlights of the event were the panels for me including the body confidence talk with American Cosplayer Ani-mia who was very open in telling the attendees to cosplay for themselves and to promote confidence. Not only that Ani-mia also did a cosplay group photo with all her fans int eh courtyard as a lovely souvenir for all the attendees to remember her by. If she wasn't at her booth selling signed prints and generally chatting to people she was out and about doing interviews, photo shoots and judging the cosplay contest with fellow judges Enja Cosplay and Kerri Louise.

Mojo Jones and Marcus "dice wizard" Gill also did a panel on how the geek community has helped them with mental and social disorders. Alot of attendees came to listen and also share their experiences and supported. Mojo later preformed a saucy burlesque show with Dixie Rocket and two new ladies.

Mojo Jones & Marcus talking about Mental Illness
There was also a new panel for blogging in the Geek community which featured Eddie from Food and Cosplay (tumblr expert), Becca from League of Extraordinary Cosplayers(photographer), Sophie from Sophie's Japan Blog(twitter expert) and me Aisha Anime (veteran blogger). We shared our insight into social media and blogging. You write about what you like and do so for fun not free stuff. if you prove yourself or get notice you can gain benefits. This isn't a profession that can sustain you more of a hobby.

Last but not least was Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr Robotnik/Eggman he was scheduled for signings in the TCG room where fans brought their collection of Sonic and Pokemon memorabilia to get signed. Some of the interesting items were hand painted canvas shoes, a water colour drawing, tins of Evil Ham and a metro article about Mike but calling his character Dr Eggplant. Him and his family roamed around the con and were happy to take photos and sign things.

The event was small and intimate where everyone virtually knew each other but had so much fun catching up with friends. The array of guests including British cosplayers in attendance was excellent. There were two stages of great entertainment including the charity cosplay auction, dub that anime at the bar stage and even Karaoke as-well as the gaming building. Alongside great stalls to purchase your merchandise and snacks.

See more of my photos here.

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