Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Alcon 2015

A group up for the Cosplay Auction at Alcon 2015

Every Alcon seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the year, 2015 welcomed an extra 200 person capacity at the De Monteford University Leicester. Using the halls of residency as cheap and convenient accommodating for the attendees. 

The event started Wednesday night where parties and late night activities were set up before the actual event was ready on the Thursday. People came from as far as Denmark to participate in the new Gym Battle initiative by independent group who fought vigorously against any attendee wanting to be a Pokemon Master. Raising over £150 for the charities chosen for Alcon this year Mind and Epilepsy Action. It was  great fun to see so many attendees searching for the gym leaders around the con and getting into the serious Poke-battle modes for laughs and for great prix. Follow them on twitter for more updates on future events they attend : @ALconGymNews

Guest this year in attendance included the The Abridgers; Brentalfloss, Masako X, X the dark oneFaulerro Little Karibo, Ellie Monty and Maggie Blue O' Hara (Bulma DBZ, Madison from Cardcaptors and more). Between them we got a lot of Yu Gi Oh, Dragon Ball Z and Cardcaptors merchandise signed for the Charity Auction Gala. With a signed Vegeta canvas from Canime sold for £45!

one of the best panels was Maggie Blue O Hara and Masako X talking about their experiences within voice acting. Getting an agent is the first step and then auditions and a good show reel is the next step. Masako X didn't have to worry about this as he and the Abridgers do it independently themselves. It was great to hear of the differences of working on top pf the Japanese anime or to work alongside the animation being made - having more freedom and working with the whole team.

Maggie Blue O'Hara signs a Vegeta print Canvas from Canime
The Cosplay Auction was a great spectacle to watch seeing so many kind people sell their time for charity - we saw a pair of Panty and Stocking cosplayers (one of which was Jess's Dresses) went from over £170, Second was Baymax who went for £150. Any money made was highly appreciated and together with the money from the Charity Auction Gala about £5,000 was made !

Some other great panels included Anna's S's photography panel, The cosplay courtroom by League of Extraordinary Cosplay and Myself, Working with Worbla with Tabatha Hastie and Late night with Brentalfloss. i also found the late night karaoke happening at the same time as the Ball was brilliant - whoever sang 'and all of that Jazz' you were amazing!

All in all a great get away from the daily norm. Where you can dress as you like and not get judged and meet like minded people and join random games and streetpassing. Find more of my photos here.

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