Saturday, 2 October 2010

Interview at a Veterinary Surgery?!

My my, how the plot has thickened since my last blog.

After much head bashing with my 'ex' boss, he has finally accepted my resignation, lol and this was only because I refused to work (on my own) in his flat (ewwwwwww) on his just about working PC's. It didn't help that when he went to meetings I would locked in, if it isn't already unnerving to work at your bosses flat but to be locked in? He then added to that argument:

Boss: 'Oh my mum's going to move back in with me so you'll be able to leave for lunch breaks when I'm not around.'

Yep that makes me feel better, deal with two crazies...and I totally have the ratification to call him that after the last run in we had where he insulted me in front of the marketing/IT guy (his uni friend too) and well let's just say if Jnr wasn't there I may be worse for ware physically rather than mentally.

I was then working for the website from home...luckily my PC died and I told him unless he buys me a new PC I can't work for him any-more and I can't magic a new one from his lack of wages.

No sooner had I 'officially' left Caz contacted me, she worked at a vet near me and they were understaffed due to the night receptionist retiring and the manager not taking her resignation seriously (as you do ;) and well I went to a really informal interview today.

I walked in all suited and booted, the woman hadn't even read my CV, couldn't figure out how to print it, 30mins later she had to go and offered me the job and told me:

Manager: 'You need to do what you need to do to help, whether it's dealing with customers, holding animals, cleaning! See you Mon for training!'
Me: 'Erm...ok!'

SO Magazine co ordinator/PA to Vet nurse, this is swerve in my career least it'll support me till I find something relevant to my life!

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