Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Party time Work

Since for the date stamp you all (or myself re-reading) can see I haven't updated in a while - I can't help it stress consumes me and I lose the ability to write coherently!

Basically since mid September I started evening shifts at my local vet, random huh?

It's rare to get a part time job which is so bitesize, literally 3 hours every day minus weekends. Pay ain't great but what can I say I need all the money I can get...

Actually my HTC school friend Caz recommended me, they needed someone quickly and reliable - I already had an advantage coz I lived down the road. After the interview I was scheduled to do training the following week then me and Caz went on holiday to Plymouth - her and Sam had split - bottom line was he had issues but moreover he was a twat - cheating is not cool nor in pretending to be suicidal - that's just blasphemous ! He's sooo going to hell for that one.

So I took Spam's (did you see what I did there with the word play :p) place, joined Caz's Northampton buddies (Chris & Kirsty) for a wildlife adventure; otter/Butterfly sanctuary, Monkey Sanctuary, Sheep world & my fav Buckfast Abbey - no animals there just fun loving monks getting the public drunk and troubling making!

So back to the vet - i'm the skivvy for the moment but one of the more arrogant nurses there let me do the cashing up today which I feel I did well - apparently everyone says the cashing up has been stop on for the last few weeks (go me, go me, go me) but I should be focusing on cleaning - it ain't going to be cleaning that hold me back in the future - not knowing the medication or vaccinations dates/prices will be...I was almost abandoned on Monday to close up by myself - i don't even have keys so it was a bit daunting...I think the pressure of more than 3 customers turning up at once to pay then the phone ringing at the same time is what puts me in a state of panic, I just need to take a deep breathe and deal with the clients first, phone second.

After today's shift Caz, Sherry & Lucy were doing there first ever Puppy Party, I decided I neither knew much or cared (sorry I'm a cat person) so I went to have dinner with Jacky - she owed me dinner for two references for the HarrisHospise charity.

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