Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Charles Worthington Award 2011

I was invited again to Charles Worthington's hair awards at the L'Oreal HQ in Shepards Bush for the 2nd year running.

As usual they always need a short hair model and I'm probably the most flexible lady around. So instead of last year's stylist Hollie, I was modeling for Louise.

The usual spiele involved, come in for a final touch up on the day, get makeup done, get changed and then hit the catwalk for a practice run.

This time my heels were a bit loose so I was a bit like Bambi, but it was cool, got some hummus
sandwiches and grapes down
my throat and I was as dainty as a Grecian Godess XD (something like that).

Here is a photo of me next to my hair stylist's updo updo. ironically I was against this lady's brother last year.

Again I didn't win but it was a good night out and I even enjoyed it with my mate who I recommended to my last year's stylist.

This year's winner's involved a bow updo o_0 very funky wish I had long enough hair. New year's resolution, start growing those locks !

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