Monday, 23 January 2012

Red Light Revolution Review

My friend Ronnie un suspectingly in front of the raunchy poster :D
(Chinese film with English subtitles at Prince Charles Cinema in West-end, London)

One of the perks of joining so many groups on Facebook is that the active ones ACTUALLY send notifications of events regularly. Courtesy of the Korean fan club and Third Windows films I found out there was a showing of Red Light Revolution at the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) in the West-end.

This was a chance to check out the PCC as I had never been before and to my surprise, through the small entrance, the downstairs held a large waiting area and bar. Upon entering the room I was amazed to find a decently sized screen and comfy squishy seats (oh yes these things definitely add to MY experience).

I knew the film was a saucy comedy already focusing on the sex industry of China, as much as it was taboo, everyone was a apart of it, you just didn’t know they had a dildo in their briefcases ^^; The main character though easy manipulated by others, is a very likeable character and you enjoyed what downfalls awaited poor Shunzi  (Jun Zhao).

We follow Shunzi after he loses his job and wife and by randomly bumping into an old friend he is thrust into the money making world of the sex trade along with his new friend and partner in crime Lili (Vivid Wang and yes that is her real name!)

Director and Writer Sam Voutas (also cameo’s in movie as sex guru Jack Deroux) wanted to explore a subject that most Chinese Directors shy away from and flaunts the notion with parady and the utmost of seriousness at times too.

A truly enjoyable movie (with not a lot of smut actually despite the name), a journey to make money; please the pushy parents and having fun with your friends. Best part is i saw it with my friend Ronnie who isn't accustomed to such kinky display, she even liked it (she won't admit it out loud but I saw her laugh ;).

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