Monday, 2 July 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Lab mode has lots to offer ie dancing bears

 The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tour was just not enough coverage for me, so had to get up close and personal with the game at the Namco Bandai Summer Showcase. Here Namco Bandai had three games on show for me to play with TTT2, Tales of Graces & Ni No Kuni Best of both worlds some top class RPG’s with some beat ‘em up.

Here we got to try a new build for TTT2 on PS3 and Xbox 360, along with the arcade machines. The focus was on the Fight Lab mode, which is the new in-game tutorial led by the fabulous character Lee Chaolan’s alter ego Violet. 

Fight Lab completely breaks Tekken down to its component parts and teaches you from the ground up, it's entirely different to tutorial modes in other fighting games and goes a long way to remove the much maligned barrier to entry the genre is known for. Frankly the background of dancing Kuma & Panda ballerinas were what sold the game for me plus Lee being my favourite male character in the game.

Also Namco Bandai provided Tekken experts on-hand to teach us some more advanced techniques. These guys were here to test our abilities against and to just chat with. This is a great opportunity for and my friend Josiah as I play Tekken religiously whereas he hardly touches fighting games. We spotted a guy with a Katamari Kind of moustache & beard ensemble, turns out this was Tekken Tournament winner who I encountered at previous Tekken events. The guy was more than happy to show us his own exclusive battle against Tekken designer Katsuhiro Harada. He currently hosts his own gaming event’s at Kingston University called Lion’s Den follow him on twitter for the latest tournaments: @Liono_Meridian

Great bonuses included in the game are new & old characters: the return of Kunimitsu, Michelle Chang and Prototype Jack from the original Tekken, Angel and Alex from Tekken 2, Humanoid Ogre (now known as Ancient Ogre), Tiger Jackson and Forest Law from Tekken 3. Alongside Jun Kazama from Tekken 2, True Ogre from Tekken 3 and Jinpachi Mishima from Tekken 5 all with updated character designs. Devil Kazuya also makes an appearance but as an in-game transformation of Kazuya and Unknown from Tekken Tag Tournament also reappears as one of the final bosses. The game also introduces a new masked character named Jaycee who is in fact Julia Chang's alter-ego. She retains her fighting style of Chinese Kenpo, with added Lucha Libre wrestling moves.

You also get to play in a Snoop Dogg exclusive background with him in his throne watching and singing a Tekken inspired song with his ladies dancing to you thumping your opponent. 

Also you will notice the little details in TTT2 a lot of characters speak in their native language. This has been noticed as Lili speaks French, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro speak Portuguese, Leo Kliesen speaks German and Miguel Caballero Rojo speaks Spanish. Still, there are some characters that do not speak in their native language (e.g. Lei Wulong still speaks English despite being from Hong Kong).

Any true Tekken fan should order their ‘We are Tekken’ limited edition of the game now ! PS. great Indian buffet & drinks, I was happy to trash talk and continued to win though I do despise Josiah's choice of non humans Roger Jnr & Yoshmitzu - stop using cheap marsupial moves to beat me >_<

Lee we will have our revenge !

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