Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tekken Tag Tournmanet 2 tour London GamerBase HMV

Me and Ronnie are Team Tekken!
Namci Bandai decided to do a last minute tour of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 around the county, starting first with London then to Manchester & Glasgow. Armed with only their their game dev's and 'We are Tekken' background drop it's all they needed, come 6pm their was already a crowd waiting to play at Gamer Base HMV in Trocadero.

Scheduled from 6-12 midnight some of these hard core Tekken fans stayed that long waiting in line to play or cheer on their mates or even strangers. As far as I was concerned, if you played Anna you were support from me.
No Fifa please :S

Having a last effort of pulling down all the Fifa posters as to not confuse the gamers, it was a constant game jam - I had to retreat to the over 18's room for air and rest my fingers. The smell of sweaty gamers engulfed Gamerbase!

I got to see the hyped up Snoop Dogg arena, him sitting on his throne with his women whilst you hear his special song play. I was impressed with a certain teams timing with combos and tags but unfortunately they dissapeared by the time I got close enough to talk to them ^^; Should of worn heels!
Had PR gurus Hollie B & Joseph mingling with fans and other fellow game industry people running to and fro taking interviews and photos but I doubt they got a shot of this criminal who hogged the game hub I was queuing at! this fiend never tapped any of his team mates in which rendered the experience pointless So if you see him point and shout 'Game hog' also he lost a lot so you know who you are and I will annihilate you if you ever let me get on the bloody game pad.

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