Friday, 20 July 2012

Mayamada launch new t-shirt line at Tutti Fruitti

If your an avid convention/expo goer you would have come across the British- Jap designs of Mayamada. Clothing range come manga - they are making a line of clothes to help fund their own manga and are even expanding upon the characters before they release it. Mayamada are hosting a series of quirky events to get people to check out their designs and have a laugh too. I've been to a past anime screening of Steamboy, in an usual venue, with a great vibe & free popcorn and prizes too :D

They recently launched a new range of t-shirts and hats at Tutti Frutti Covent Garden. Nigel, Lau & Adam hosted a great night of retro tunes, connect 4, Jenga touranments with great atmosphere. You also got 20% off Tutti Fruittti frozen yogurt just for attending - score XD I went to and competed in the Jenga tournament - see what happened on my article on

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