Monday, 27 August 2012

Guest writing for Alafista !

On 20th August I found out I was chosen to be guest writer for the J-culture website Alafista :)

After a friend showed me a link to the post 'Looking for Guest writers' I thought why not and persisted to apply, even though the contact box was not working, I even added the founder on Linked In (he had his details on his website). And a good month and a half later I Heard from him briefly and then my intro page casually came up on my twitter feed.

I'm going to be focusing on the Otaku Lingo, so I'll be explaining terms you often hear gamers/anime fans using, my first article on Maid Moe is up, please check it out -

Also if you collect figures and appreciate cosplay follow Alafista on twitter for little gems to brighten up your day -

My second article is on 'Creepy Woody and His Troll Expression' looking at the Disney's Toy story star in erm compromising positions ;)

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