Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Okami; Ameratsu live dog cosplay

UPDATE - 26/01/15

It was pleased to write about the pros and cons for Cos-pets vs Cos-props in MYM magazine.

I decided to study one of the finest examples of dog cosplay - Volkadav and Dante Kogan (the Samoyed Dog) as Ameratsu from the game Okami.

This was against Jenivere who cosplayed as Sniperwolf from  MGS with her prop dog she wheeled around with herself.

Issue33, Jan 22nd 2015 MYM.


Originally I saw this photo come up on my facebook news feed via animepicks.co.uk and I really wanted to know if it were real or a photoshop job as I loved the Okami game on PS2 and I went as far as tracking the original source which was a deviant art page and well I contacted the guy and here's what he told me. See my interview with Volkadav cosplay here:

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