Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ted: A feature length Family guy ep with a a bear

Lovely She-Hulk posing in front of the Ted Poster at LFCC
Anyone who knows me can you tell you I'm not a huge fan of Family guy. The jokes are stretched far too long and the toilet humor makes me more uncomfortable that a hamster being shoved up Mr Slave's arse in South Park.

I mostly heard good press about the movie but apparently it got bad press woo which encouraged me to watch it, if fans DIDN'T like it maybe it was detached from Family guy aesthetics. My bro said it's mostly a 'man' film but all the women were laughin gin the cinema when he watched it so I should give it a try.

The beginning was beautiful, narrated by a British favourite Patrick Stewart, he set's the scene of a child wanting to have a best friend to be by his side forever which well brings Ted to life and you can figure out what comes in the future from all the TV ad's. The usual tug of war between gf and best friend ensues of course with the added bonus of him being a slobbish bear. 

Lots of random side plots and Family guy references yaddah yaddah yah but it was all about the Flash Gordon  and then old man Flash walking into one of Ted's parties. Then the fight between the Chinese neighbor Ming & Flash. Lol not a very PC film and I wouldn't recommend to the kids. it's a 15 as there is no blood (just flying fluff) or sex...practically. Enjoy for a night with the lads or ladies.

Some creepy dancing tho, that was  just...eww.

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