Saturday, 8 June 2013

The 5th Teracotta FIlm Festival 2013: Tera-cotta all nighter


I'd never been to a horror film festival and Teracotta put on great films. Fortunate for me I enter alot of twitter competitions and I had won tickets for this particular all nighter - in my favourite genre.

Armed with snacks and cola, I was ready to stay up all night and enjoy some great horrors from the far east, which included: countdown, zomvideo, henge, belenggu, and the ghost story of yotsuya.

The night kicked off with Countdown, a Thai horror released 2012.


It's New Year’s Eve in New York City goes wrong for three flat-mates when their drug dealer, Jesus, crashes their party and fucks them up. Royally.

Three guilty kids mixed with drugs equals a lot of mental torture and beating in this movie. Without ruining the plot, basically they are reborn and face the consequences of there actions willingly after surviving a night with Jesus.

Zomvideo a Japanese black comedy from 2011.

I say Black comedy because you couldnt really take this low budget parody seriously but who knows I could be wrong. Aiko is a new employee of a film production company. At work whilst looking for footage she discovers an old videotape made by their company entitled “A Guide to Surviving from Zombies”. It is an instructional video that will teach them how to kill zombies using office supplies.  Hilariously a zombie apocalypse is ensuing whilst she watches the video with a co worker and she uses her new knowledge tot he test.

The unnerving Henge, a Japanese horror/sci fi film from 2012

This ultra low budget, multi faceted movie has won acclaim from a number of international genre festivals, not my favourite. A young couple are plagued by a monstrous illness that threatens to tear their relationship apart.Yoshiaki morphs in to a bloodthirsty monster every night and eats people, after much therapy and help nothing can control him and he turns in a HENGE beast. Lol see what I did there?

The film I had been waiting for BELENGGU, Indonesian horror from 2012.

A film to rival the talents of David Lynch, this film sent you in a world of confusion, never knowing what is real and manipulated reality. Visions of violent murders, a giant knife throwing rabbit and a mysterious femme-fatale. Elang is haunted by images of bizarre murders involving a killer with a rabbit costume. His efforts to solve the mystery and save the lives of those he thinks are in danger have trapped him in a downward spiral and so he himself becomes a suspect.

I fell asleep through this one, the ghost story of Yotsuya, a Japanese horror from 1959.

A classic retrospective presentation of an old Japanese Macbeth-like folk tale (I am told). Sadly my eyes could not hold out for this film but here's the summary from Teracotta's website:

This masterpiece of shock stars AMACHI Shigeru as a low-ranking samurai who poisons his trusting wife, so he can make a more advantageous match. But his plans are disrupted when her ghost returns for revenge. WAKASUGI Katsuko plays an unforgettable character as the horrifying ghost of AMACHI’s wife.

The film is amongst some of the most faithful of many screen adaptations made since the silent era of a kabuki play by TSURUYA Nanboku, first staged in 1825.

The ‘regular gangster film for the first half that flips into a horror film in the second half’ structure of the film is one that is mimicked by the likes of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.

A really nice evening at the Prince Charles Cinema, for more great film festivals by Teracotta go here:

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