Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Anime Key To World Peace Campaign

Tis the Season to be jolly, but Christmas doesn't eradicate the horrors of the world. That is why there are so many organisations pulling resources and donation together to help keep children off the street., feed the hungry stop people from freezing to death and that's just in the UK Abroad we have war, starvation, abuse, slave labour and how ever many more I can't count on both my hands. We have a nice organisation that will actively try to to use Anime as a key to world peace.
Anime Key To World Peace Campaign
This campaign has one goal, use the influence that anime has all over the world to bring people in every country together. Their thoughts is that if people can find thing in common with anime they can start putting their difference aside little by little and become friends.
This all came about when Founder Scott Young accidentally friend requested the wrong person while looking for Chelly from Supercell band and instead addedt a girl from Equador who was a fan of Supercell and had a fan profile.  That got him thinking what if we could bring people together around the world. This little mistake  turned out to be a bigger project and he is still good friends with the girl too.
After consulting a few friends: Tyler, Chris, Sorro, and Ryan they thought what if we could start a page with anime fans to come together around the world and share their views and learn from each other and make friendships through it. So far that has been working well we have over 500 members in first 10 days and Tyler got the idea of holding a winter anime picture event who ever can have the best winter anime pic wins an admin spot.
Although we know its not an easy task and a lot of people will be doubtful that it will work. But if we can bring enough people together from this generation we can do it. As one day our generation will take over, and when that happens this page will be our greatest accomplishment to unite the world.
The group promotes itself to other anime dedicated websites and ask's every member in group to do as much posting as possible because you can't get stuff in common with people if you post anything. And the second thing Leader Scott Young ask's of them is anyone they know invite them to page and ask them to do same thing. So that everyone comes together. As well as trying to get hold of local tv stations to put it put there so everyone locally can do same thing as well.
This is a nice community, so that people who have no one to turn to can look to for distraction or solace in friends and anime. I myself turn to a few favourites to lift my mood when work is unbearable or when people shove you on a train to get to the last available seat. It's a notion that hopefully can promote peace and happiness in an otherwise cold world.
Some of the members comments on the group -
"I'm from the Anime Key To World Peace Campaign. The simplest way for me to put this is that I've always been bothered by people who choose violence when there could be a peaceful solution. I also believe that we may have found a peaceful common ground between people. And that as time passes hopefully we'll become even more well known." Christopher Craig
"I must say I enjoy being in this group. For once people actually like my posts. I haven't seen any life changing animes but people have suggested some funny ones." Tyler Dehoff
"This group allows me to take a different approach to anime. Bringing peace isn't a bad idea or a false step for this group. I have to say that any anime can be life changing, depends on how that person takes it." Sorro Santo
Show your support or lose yourself in some great anime:

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