Monday, 16 December 2013

Baitfighter at Playnation Games

Since we last visited the fresh new look of M&M Games, Playnation Games have been busting a move with lots of events. Utilising their 2nd floor as the Games room, you can pay £2,50 to play retro games all evening or enter Card game tourneys or play casuals, streetpass whatever your heart desires.

If there are events going on for £2.50 you get the opportunity to share your passion for games in a big community. Their latest collaboration features youtube sensation Baitstaition for Baitfighter at Playnation Games. The lads behind this challenge gamers to instant knock out leaving with their dignity in tact or with bragging rights over all.

Upon arriving around 7.15pm all the tournament spaces had been filled already, I could hear a cheering crowd from upstairs, this event had attracted lots of the local gamers to try their skills against the hyped up Bait-fighters.

Confirmed games included:

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade edition (XBox 360)
Street Fighter: The movie (playing on XBox)
Mortal Kombat 3: SNES
Super Smash Bros. (GC or N64 tbc)
Street of Rage 2 - vs. and co-op (Megadrive)
WWF Smackdown 2 (PSX)
WWF No Mercy (N64)

They also had Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and 3, 3rd Strike (online edition) and BlazBlue:CF for play after the main tournament, plus any other games Playnation could magic up.

You were welcome to bring your own sticks/Pads, there will be a couple floating around for use, but if you don't bring your own, you get what you're given and no moaning about equipment, if you lose take it like a man. A gallery for Perfected losers was made so everyone could have their time to shine and everyone had a  lot of fun.

Not being a Streetfighter fan I enjoyed my luck at Soul Caliber on Dreamcast, and who is my challenger? Non other than Foolish Overloard aka Tom from Anime Picks. He put up a good fight but no one could defeat my Xianghua and Lizard man team.

Watch our video with interviews from the people behind Baitstaition and Playnation games.

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