Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Muji's Sleep app causes a snore

The company MUJI, founded in 1980, is a Japanese based brand that brings simplicity to quality products at a lower price. From  high quality clothing and environmentally friendly products such as recycled books. They are known for avoiding wastage of products.

There supply of travel pots aren't just for consumers, companies buy in bulk to use for samples too. MUJI has developed their products from clothing, shoes, stationary, skin care, tights, bags, travel, and now an unusual phone app.

MUJI Sleep app was released on July 22nd, 2014, to help people unwind and sleep comfortably. The MUJI Sleep app uses binaural microphones recording various regions of Japan and using to make the person feel at home and ease. The sound transports the listener to different places. The six nature sounds that are included in the app: ocean waves, birds chirping, crackling bonfire, river, trees, and a waterfall. The Ayugaeri waterfall and the well-known ocean waves from Enoshima are well known sites included. In Japan, MUJI Sleep app is free to download and one of the most popular apps available.

For stressful lifestyles this app would come in handy, it only requires 22.09 MB space so I downloaded the app on my android phone (also available on apple store). You swipe the screen to begin and swipe the screen to move between the sounds - so if the cherry birds are on the verge of making you explode move over to relaxing fireplace crackling.

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