Saturday, 28 January 2012

CNY 2012: Year of Dragon Hat

A tv channel interviewed me, i think they liked the hat ;)

This year's Chinese New Year was extra special, it's the year of the dragon so things are even more busier than last year!

Me and a bunch of friends hit the Westend around noon to secure a table at a restaurant as well as checking out what what the stall had to offer.

Of course I had to get my obligatory mascot, a mini dragon and a lucky fish made me happy. But then I caught a glimpse of the infamous dragon hat, I'd seen it on person in the crowd and when I saw them on sale I did splurge in a moment on weakness XD

 After trying our luck at throwing bags of sand at a random tree (apparently the sand signifies a wish if it hangs on a branch it comes true, if not your a crap thrower and your career as a NBA basket ball player is OVER)

I got hounded by a tv crew wanting to get peoples opinions on the CNY festivities. We went back to the restaurant, fought our way through a sea of people and well had a dragon run after us and spit cabbage in our faces. let the good times rolls including the sushi. Some buff dim sum awaited us courtesy our CNY expert Andrew :) After a hectic day we were ready to hit the trains and go home home home but custard dumplings you will foreevr be in my memories and dreams <3

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