Sunday, 5 February 2012

I won the gammmmmmmmeeeeee XD

So last minute I entered the 'strike a pose' contest, basically you pick your favourite character from either Street fighter or Tekken (in honour of the new Streetfighter x Tekken game) and you do one of their winning poses. Since I chose the feisty Anna Williams, I thought I had to do her infamous breaking the enemies back pose, she doesn't just beat you in battle she humiliates you too.

Since I didn't have a red Chinese dress I decided to do an alternate colour Anna and since we get judged on costume, competitiveness and background I borrowed my friend's boyfriend's back and even used the kennel room at work (after hours!) to make it really standout.

To be brutally honest I didn't think I'd win but I wanted to try and with alot of family problems looming I wanted to distract myself, in normal circumstances I wouldn't have bothered ppl to do it, I've lost so much recently, it just showed who are my friends and how patient they are to vote for me everyday for a week - my homies you done me proud. My friend who got her American bf and all his mates to vote for me, all the Danish gamers I know, the English crew and even my Japanese posse - lub you ! Also a shout out to my dad for never believing in me I'm sure that made me work even harder to do well.

ironically I was waiting till midnight for the results and in all the excitement about 10 past midnight a friend from Denmark was like, by the way you one, check it out and posted the link.Lol and this guy didn't even vote for me, I'd slag him off but he alerted me to my glorious win so I'll let him off...this time ;)

Check my winning submission for the ‘Streetfighter x Tekken’ x marks the spot winning pose, expect lots of Cosplay from this chick! Yes after a solid week of campaigning, I got lots of votes and came second in votes but won 1st place in the Tekken Team strike a pose contest.

Coming soon: the swag I won

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