Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Abraham Lincoln's character true to life apart from the Vampire killing

I went with the intention of my jaw hurting from laughter of how ridiculous this film was going to be. Being a Vampire enthusiast I was goign to watch this movie no matter how awful the reviews (since Twilight I have been skeptical if there will be another decent Vampire movie to come) and well I was mistaken on pre judging this one.

No sparkles or stupid ideologies, just good old fashioned Vampire slaying but with Abraham Lincoln. This film was serious, not enough to be up it's own arse but had a few hidden puns and well if you paid attention to detail you kinda knew where the film's plot was going if not already aware of American History :p

The characters were likeable, and strangely I didn't notice that Mary Lincoln was the love interest from Scott Pilgram, but they all did a good job especially Dominic Cooper - the next big actor, since his leading role in The Devil's Double I knew this guy was gonna hit it big. But let's see.

Movie poster
The 3D effect was more of a comic book pop up effect and not overbearing, i though my glasses were broken to begin with but there was a technical glitch with the film reel at Cineworld lol "Am I going blind, why can I see rainbows everywhere?"

Another nice touch was the lighting comparison when things were good the lighting was a glorious yellow but when it was Vampire killing time it all went blue and their was more emphasis on the faces and detail on the characters which gave an eerie effect.

I wanted more bio/histories on the Vampires Henry (Dominic Cooper) sent Abe after but they were only a side plot, Mary didn't get much spotlight either but overall I left entertained.

Tip of the movie: reach for the Axe; they don't run out of bullets.

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