Friday, 29 June 2012

IGN Pub Quiz III: Who wants a Nintendo 3DS ? MEEE!

Base camp team taken by Photographer Ace Ashun
IGN Pub Quiz III: Biggest, Baddest, Best was held on 27/06/12 in the depths of Kilburn at one of the many pubs, specifically the well camouflaged The Good Ship. IGN’s Pub Quiz III was sponsored by Kid Icarus Uprising so you knew there were some big booty to be won including 1st prize a Nintendo 3DS a copy of the game for each team member ! Fwoar? For a free pub quiz I was totally up for it. Other great prizes: 2nd place a copy of the game for weach member of the team, copies of COD: Spec Ops: The Line (kindly donated by 2K Games), Insert Coin t-shirts, copies of Pandora's Tower for Wii and more.

In total there were 21 teams and we battled long and hard for the prizes and top gun  geek title. Two-time champs team ReadyGameFire returned to defend their crown, but were soundly beaten by the team named Super Quiz Fighter III Turbo HD: Hyper Fighting The World Warriors who topped the quiz with 33 points out of a possible 50. They deserved to win for their name alone XD

Crowd by Photographer Ace Ashun
Narrowly missing out by just half a point were the Van Der Bluth Corporation Trust who each took home copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising for 3DS as quiz runner ups. Other spot prizes were taken home by Banjo Quizooie, Halo: Teach, Jayne's Hat, and The Brotherhood of the Bearded Norris, with two teams tied on the least amount of points (10.5) taking home the wooden spoons. I want a spoon :(
My team Gamer Base came a respectable 6th place but earned jack, frankly we bombed the sports & movie sections, I guess and came up lucky in sports but the guy who made up movie section didn’t want to give up those Nintendo 3ds and made us work harrrrrd with questions like: What's the tagline for the fourth film of all these movies:  Jaws 4 (there were 4 movies? Didn’t Jaws eat everyone in the 2nd one?!), Police Academy 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Friday the 13th 4, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, James Bond 4, The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo-only). 

It's cool though we beat arch nemesis's Uncle Ben's team *thumbs up*

The last one  Legend of Zelda (Nintendo-only) sparked an uproar because the judges specified Nintendo consoles only when the answers were read out the answers were wrong – yes wrong and people rioted and frankly you want a pub full of angry games, arcade sticks were flying! Till next time folks we'll bring home the spoons and maybe even a ts shirt!

Trivia: we discovered a Banana Bread Beer - it tasted bready everyone hated it but didn't stop them from drinking it also Koala's make a place feel homely. 

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