Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Squidballs Japan exhibist showcasing British Artists!

I'm currently doing some cross publicity for a film festival and was sent info about this exhibition in Japan showcasing British animators, illustrators - cool or what ?
Squid Balls is a group exhibition in Japan curated by Rumpus Animation featuring illustration, animation, music videos, prints and drawings by a group of young British illustrators and animators.
The first show is in Osaka at the Loop-A Gallery http://www.loop-a.com opening on 28th June-1st July
The second show is in Omotesando, Tokyo at the Irie-Yawd Gallery http://www.irieyawd.com/gallery/ opening on 6th June till 8th July

Artists include Matthew the Horse, Jon Boam, Kate Hindley and Peskimo.

Seb from Rumpus Animation will be there doing live drawing and handing out sweeties.
Some of the artists work to be showcased

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