Saturday, 9 June 2012

Prometheus: so much Pro-mise but gave confusion?

So who has strong opinions on Mr Ridley Scott? *not meeeeee* I'm not a fan or hater of Blade Runner I thought it was entertaining  and Daryl Hannah is crazy fullstop. I just went to see Prometheus because I like Alien movies (and it's nice to see a female protagonist kick arse and take names.) 2D or 3D I don't think it matters, go and immerse yourself in another world.

For the next  119 minutes I sat tense, it didn't help my 3D glasses kept sliding down my nose, it was a full house, no one spoke and going to the loo mid film was NOT an option! The first scene no matter how beautiful/ symbolic, what the hell did it mean? Seriously? Someone enlighten me what was the Space Jockey intending on happening and why on a cliff? Beginning of life or death? Or food poisoning?

After much deliberation I decided to move on to the next jumble of confusing information, why were people wearing flipflops? David the on board sarcasm machine read dreams, could anyone else? He ate for the sake or 'eating' also dyed his roots too...erm thanks for those details Ridley. The team waking up getting to know each other or not giving a fuck was amusing and I enjoyed it till they actually got onto the flipping planet.

I felt short changed, we saw the space jockeys but got no background on them or the Alien infection I was actually quite bored halfway, no action, nothing made sense, the two vaguely amusing characters got killed off straight away, Guy Pearce was in an oldman suit (why even bother to have him in it?). I didn't even notice the bossy woman was Charlize Theron. interrogating someone who's been sleeping for a few thousand years who can't even speak English is gonna be a bit cranky ya know if not rip your puny head ogfff - c'mon people common sense now!

Also I am now probably scarred for life by c-sections. In theory shouldn't the alien acid have burned her insides? Eww Ewww EWWWWW. (Just watch the scene you'll know what I'm cringing about !

We had a wide array of good actors, American, British, Icelandic none really utilized much apart from Noomi Rapace - it's just too bad nothing really tied together. I left the cinema confused and diss-satisfied. Also Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron's character) made out to be such a hard ass and yet she can't run sideways? Go figure! Also I'm not one for spoilers but I went to see an Alien's based movie and I saw next to non Aliens...REFUND PLEASE?!I'm not saying don't watch it has SOME good qualities but not enough for me >_<

I'll leave you with this last thought: The robot is and always will be a douche to the team and back stab you because they have no souls.

Food fact: Doughnut shaped ships are the best kind.

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