Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Kawaii Easter ^_^

Me and my school chum Caroline got bored and took photos a while back and I decided to get an Easter themed shot and they turned out great, even though I don't suit the 'cute' fashion trend I made it work SOMEHOW! Check out her cosplay and wedding photos here.

Outfit Info:

Bunny Ears - Pixie Bunny Shop
Kanzashi (hair ornament) - Kikuya Kanzashi
Necklace/Ring - Di Depux

I also collaborated with Cherry Jenkins (who currently has no DA or FB page) and she used her plain line Pokemon drawings for a base to make an Easter design for me: Chancey cosplaying a Rabbit and me looking suspicious because like I said I don't do cute often and I loved the final outcome  - I only expected a line drawing she even coloured it in. So i thought I'd share the love and posted it to some important people in my life, followers and new friends.Snail Mail ftw ^_^

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