Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lionz Denz 2

Photos by Tobininjafox
On Saturday April 4th 2015 the Marriot Hotel Marble Arch was taken over by the largest amount of Tekken anthusiasts to compete for a pot of  £700 and a customised arcade stick. Top ranking players worldwide turned up to the event including: Great Britain, France, America, Korea, Poland, Spain.

Since the days of the original Lionz Den dedicated to Tekken, Liono is back and sponsored by Bandai Namco Entertainment themselves to bring the Tekken hype. With other sponsors such as Bandai Namco Games Madkatz, Sony, 360 and Cool Kids Table who donated prizes for the players and raffle including a PS4.

Saturday saw a delay in the tournament due to five copies of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 being stolen, but community members ran out to shops to pick up more copies. All the seeded players amounting over 100 players battle to go up against the best players such as JDCR, Help Me, Kor and Asim. All the players dwindled down to a mere eight to play on Sunday. Games were available on Iiyama and Sony screens . There will also be setups with older Tekken (T1-T5) games for casuals. Food will be available at the venue and there will also be entertainment in the form of performers and comedians.

Devil from Poland against Help Me from Korea (screenshot by Aisha Anime)
The top eight were down to the following countries Korea, GB, France, Poland, France and America. The top three was Korea, GB and Poland and they were all fights to watch! Especially Asim vs JDCR as host Liono was gunning fro his fellow GB player Asim. With all the chanting JDCR and Help Me's determination did not waver. They saw success down to Devil from Poland against Help Me from Korea there were a series of death stares and Devil even provoked trash talk from the silent Help Me with a simple "I Hate you" you knew the battle was very serious then. Every thing was in great banter and fights began and ended with handshakes. With a close battle Help Me won and the finals were JDCR and Help Me both from Korea.

JDCR and Sophie Silva cosplaying as Armour King
With tension mounting on whether JDCR would win the title or would we have to witness more rounds if Help Me conquered his senpai - a very close battle ensued and the cool as cucumber JDCR took the title and prizes for Korea. Making Help Me second and Devil third.

The finals ended around 8pm which meant the after party was to begin with Performances from some diverse rappers, Dippy Magic, you tube sensation D4nny and an after party of Liono dancing !

More photos from the event and performers here.

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