Monday, 6 April 2015

Monster Hunter Offline 2015 - the hunt begins!

Group shot photos all belong to Monster Hunter Event Photographer :-)
Being new to the Monster Hunter community I've attended two events so far at the Capcom HQ being lucky enough to meet the Producer of of the games Ryozo Tsujimoto, series director Kaname Fujioka and a whole bunch of awesome hunters! Here is a group who have formed their own independent Monster Hunter community (with no affiliation with Capcom)

This first meet of 2015 was by Monster Hunter Offline an un official community led by die hard fans. Upon entering the LAN pub Meltdown near Caledonian Road station. I was greeted by enthusiastic leaders Angela and Izzy. They gave me a raffle ticket (to win figures or a homemade hammer from the game made by Izzy!) and two badges designed by themselves and explained the schedule for the day.

Photo taken and edited by Isobel Redsell
I was impressed by the vigor and friendliness by the all the attendees, Angela offered to show me the ropes of the game as I was a noob to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, we got together a group of noobs led by a few high level hunters to help us level up fast and collect armour. A knight in shining armour called Zack who was level 85 at the time came to speed up our quests and he was given a free drink token for being a helper. I was amazed at the kind gesture and that Zack unknowingly helped out and got a free drink for his kindness.

They also had a representative from Koei there with playable demos of Toukiden for people to try out which is similar to Monster Hunter but you are samurai defeating demons in Edo Japan ( the art is beautiful, definitely worth checking out). People who played the demo were entered into a raffled to win a copy of the full game, I quite enjoyed milling around in the easy quests getting to gripes with the controls and to my astonishment I won the raffle.

Before we knew it a delivery of 10 pizzas or more came to the pub and we were all instructed to dig in and raise our stats this was not expected and honestly we were taken care of amazingly. Considering the majority of hunters had been there from 12-8pm. After dinner we awaited the raffle and it was intense. Who gets to collect some figures or take the gigantic hammer home. With a few draws for the hammer - as a few hunters were unable to transport it home, the third winner Rachel Burns cosplaying in one of the armour sets proudly claimed the hammer. Before the hammer went on a car journey to it's new home a;; the hunters were offered a chance to get photos holding it!

This event is great to introduce new players tot he game and for seasoned hunters to level up and make new guild friends. I will definitely attending again :-) The main focus of this group is to get people into a social space to play together, you can play online but there is no form of communication. Gaming can be solitary so let's make it hella fun in person!

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