Monday, 20 April 2015

Monster Hunter Offline x Nintendo Spot: the 4 Quarters

Not shortly after the first Monster Hunter Offline event 2015, Angela and Izzy find a new base in the South East for regular meetups hidden in Peckham. Living in that side of the river I can relate to wanting some where local to met up and not threatening over getting the last train and being stranded.

Dan from Nintendo Spot planned the event in conjunction with Mon Hun Offline and and discovered the Venue. The bar itself was located near Peckham Rye station hidden amongst the butchers. As soon as you walked in you were greeted by retro arcade machines. The staff reserved a whole floor for us hunters to get comfy in and get on with some serious missions. We had a mix of 'fresh meat' and seasoned hunters engaging and of course being sociable.

Currently Monster Hunter Offline will be packing up their rations and touring the Uk for lots of meets to get everyone involved !

All photos belong to lipiddroplets

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All photos belong to lipiddroplets

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