Friday, 6 November 2015

Review: Disgaea 5

Since it first arrived in 2003, the Disgaea series has established itself as a challenging and rewarding tactical role-playing game series with almost infinite replay value in it’s extra dungeons and enemies, making it a rare gem to play. Since then, the series has grown with new iterations across the PS2 and PS3, and more recently, remakes of the games for portable devices like the DS (Disgaea 1), PSP (Disgaea 1 & 2) and PS Vita (Disgaea 3 & 4).

Personally I believe the handheld porting was an excellent route for the Disgaea series due to the never ending grinding, I love the grinding, but this can be tedious when you die in the item world and lose all your progress, so why not have a quick stint on your commute to work?

The first characters we meet are Seraphina, the Overlord of her home netherworld, Gorgeous, and the mysterious wandering demon Killia, whom she finds in her path devouring a rare ramen dish as she’s about to be attacked by the enemy army. If you've played Disgaea before, you probably know that food is an important factor in the game to heal HP/TP.

So apart from Sera's obvious fan service we do get a lot of comedy from her arch enemy the Reg Magnus who turns out to be a big brute with a heart of gold, she just doesn't like to wash his pants.

The full review  is on Parallax Play. But I wanted to add some more points whilst I continue to play this game.


I thought I'd mention the changes in interrogation - in Disgaea 4 you would gain prisoners by throwing enemies into your base panel then speak with the Beast woman at your base. So I didn't use this feature much. In Disgaea 5 you have demons surrendering automatically so I ended up using the feature quite a bit. This time you speak to the blonde professor lady in your base and she gives you a list of prisoners with their gauges showing how much hostility they have against you. If they have none you can make them citizens straight away.

If they harbour a lot of 'Revenge' best to beat it out of them, though you have to figure out whether it's through beating, specials or starvation.

Fusion  is much more handy in the game where if you have an army of prinnies you can fuse to make a stronger character on the battle field similar to Reg Magus using his overkill to grow large.

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